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Gladesville bridge idiot

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by aussie_bas, Jan 22, 2010.

  1. Driving to work this morning, yes driving because I have to go to a customer today wearing a suit, I took the Gladesville bridge to cross the Parramatta river as I do every day. This idiot on a sportsbike decided he was in a hurry and started splitting lanes behind me, WHILE WE WERE DOING 70 KM/HOUR!!!!

    By the time he got to me halfway up the bridge I was in the middle lane with a car on my left and a car on my right and he wanted to split in between me and the car on my right!!

    Now, the Gladesville bridge doesn't have the widest lanes, splitting bikes when I'm stationairy already touch the mirrors of my 4WD and this guy wanted to try the same at 70 km/hour. He couldn't because there simply was no room. When he did, 5 seconds later when the car to my right was finished overtaking me, he becomes angry at me because he thought I didn't give him enough space to split. HELLO IDIOT, HOW MUCH ROOM DO YOU THINK THERE IS IF YOU DRIVE A 4WD WITH A CAR ON EITHER SIDE.

    So if you're reading this, thank you for giving me and everyone on the bridge the SH#TS this morning and I hope you were late after all.

    Couldn't see what bike it was, a sportsbike of some kind. The only thing I saw was when he passed me that he had a helmet with a reflective visor so I couldn't see his face. No L- or P-plate though.
  2. Wow... all the whinging and whining got the thread utterly neutered.


    The motorcyclist reacted to someone seemingly endangering their life or using their vehicle in a threatening manner.

    The ettiquete of splitting is worth discussing however, views like to OP are NOT universal amongst motorcyclists.
  3. It's funny isn't it Rob how when a car driver does something wrong/rude/inconsiderate/dangerous we have 9 pages of rabid agreement with how cagers can't drive for shit, how they are all try to kill us and that everyone is against us. One member creates a thread about a manoeuvre by a rider that they believe (correctly or incorrectly) to be illegal/dangerous/stupid and we have pages of abuse directed at the poster. We have an interesting double standard.
  4. The points of the OP, as I see them:

    1. Traffic was moving at 70k/hour (the speed limit, presumably). Gives people less time to manoeuvre/react to things.
    2. Narrow lanes. Requires more care, makes it harder to get between things cleanly.
    3. The rider was trying to split between a car and a large vehicle (a 4WD), which exacerbates 2., and in this case meant there simply wasn't enough room to get past.
    4. The rider appeared to be angry with him for not making room, but there simply wasn't space available to move a 4WD aside.

    EDIT: This shouldn't be taken as supporting one 'side' or another, I'm just trying to check my interpretation of what the OP said.
  5. Certainly do. But to be fair to some of those who previously posted on this thread, there was support for the view of the OP.
  6. Why make this comment. If you had stated "Maybe" the motorcyclist reacted to.... it would make more sense as "your view" on the given information. However, as it is written, you are making a statement as if you witnessed this event.
  7. Reply in support of myself:
    1. Yes, driving at the speed limit of 70 km/hour
    2. Lanes less than 3m wide
    3. Yes, with a 3rd vehicle to the left of the 4WD so all 3 lanes were occupied
    4. I got the finger when he passed me, which was after the car in the far most right lane was passed me

    I don't mind making room for someone who is splitting lanes when we're standing in line for a traffic light or a traffic jam. Not because I like to but because I don't want to hit the rider with my 4WD and get involved in an accident. @ 70 km/hour, with less than 50 cm on either side to manouver, I simply can't, and won't, make room for a motorcyclist to split in between me and the car next to me.
  8. errr, I thought Rob was actually stating what the OP actually said. He seemingly reacted to a rider using their vehicle in a threatening manner.

    Seemingly, I would have thought that it meant, "It seemed" which is pretty much the same as "maybe"?

    Or are you arguing just for the sake of arguing?
  9. I can't really see how the motorcyclist reacted to what I did? I actually didn't do anything which, from the looks of his reaction towards me, was what pissed him off. I didn't move aside for him to split in between me and the car to my right.

    Maybe I need to elaborate a bit more. I was at the top of the Gladesville bridge and, obviously being the good driver that I am, I had already spotted the motorcyclist in my rear view mirrors a couple of cars behind me. I saw him splitting in between the cars behind me whilst they were doing 70 km/hour. He then reached me and my 2 neighbouring cars, who happened to be all lined up occupying all 3 lanes.

    So in my opinion I had 4 options:

    1. Do nothing, maintain my speed (= stick to speed limit)
      - Risk: Motorcyclist can not split and may potentially get aggrevated
    2. Maintain my speed (= stick to speed limit), move over to the left towards my left side neighbour so there is room for the motorcyclist to split
      - Risk: Potentially drive left neighbour off the bridge so the motorcyclist can split in between me and my right hand neighbour @ > 70 km/hour
    3. Speed up (= exceed speed limit) so we're not occupying 3 lanes and the motorcyclist can pass by changing lanes instead of in between us
      - Risk: Speeding ticket and double demerit points because of Australia day long weekend
    4. Slow down (= hitting the brakes) so we're not occupying 3 lanes and the motorcyclist can pass by changing lanes instead of in between us
      - Risk: Motorcyclist rams into back of 4WD and may potentially get aggrevated

    Did I miss something I could/should have done differently? I chose option 1 seeing I was doing 70 km/hour and any of the other 3 options would have endangered all other people besides the motorcyclist. It was his decision to leave home that morning and start splitting lanes in between cars doing 70 km/hour endangering other people.

    I'm open to all suggestions and discussions :eek:hno:

  10. The words were properly chosen - and you can interpret them how you like. How would YOU react if a car chose to close down your splitting space?

    Personally, to me it's water off a ducks back - it's better to stay zen on the roads, but some riders are hot headed and whether bas knows is or not, he probably did sway towards the mirror he looked at - it's almost universal - even drivers go where they look.
  11. You're probably right, almost everyone does that. If that happened, it wasn't intentional although that is of course hard to explain to an angry motorcyclist wearing a helmet and riding in excess of 70 km/hour whilst giving you the finger...

    I'd just like to get people's opinion on how they would have handled the situation, what they would have done, if they ever were in the same situation as the driver or the rider.
  12. Hey, I've been commuting Victoria road to town for the past 2 years. Before the roadworks a few months ago, I actually thought the lanes were wide enough to split safely, although at 70km/h a bit stupid. Even now with the lanes narrowed you can still fit through most traffic. In your case I probably wouldn't have tried and waited patiently.

    There are a few jerks riding that route daily, and to be honest most of the cagers are very considerate and will move aside for you. In 2 years I could count on two hands the number of dicks that actually cut you off intentionally.

    My take, the rider is a knob. You were just plodding along doing the safe thing for everyone in that scenario.

    By the way I think it's a 60 limit for future reference.
  13. If I was the rider I'd be man enough to know that not everything works out your way. If I was the driver I'd be annoyed that I got flicked the bird for doing nothing, but that's life.
  14. I go across the bridge the other way towards North Sydney. You're right about your side though but the 60 speed limit doesn't start until you're off the bridge south bound.

    @ cejay, read my signature... You couldn't be more right.
  15. No, I am not!!

    Perhaps the following could be clarified:

    The motorcyclist reacted to someone seemingly endangering their life or using their vehicle in a threatening manner

    The Motorcyclist, would appear to me to be the person riding their motorbike, not the OP (who was driving his car)? If this is the case, then I don't follow why the aboe statement.
  16. I am confused as to why you are confused.

    The rider of the bike, according to the OP, flicked the driver (the OP) the bird. It is logical to assume that the rider reacted to the driver either not providing the rider with sufficient space to do their lane split, or because he thought the driver was being inconsiderate. Either that or the rider is a complete prick and likes to flick the bird.

    I'd normally say we shouldn't make a mountain out of a mole hill, but the last time that expression was used the thread went on for another 5 pages. Eh Rob?
  17. Aussie_bas - I believe you have done nothing wrong, the rider is just basically stupid. Next time just wave back at him and let karma do the work!
  18. I give up. *shakes head*
  19. Don't give up Vic, 'cos you have friends, you're not beaten yet..