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Gladesville Area Mechanic?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by EscapadeBabe, Jan 4, 2008.

  1. Hey Guys,

    Sorry I know it's been discussed before but I took a quick look through some older posts and couldn't find anything about mechanics in my area.

    I have to have my first service next week (1000kms) and when I asked the dealer they quoted $350. I spoke to my old mechanic (who's a motorbike nut :) ) up in the Blue Mountains and he said it shouldn't be nearly that much but I can't get up to visit him for a few weeks (which means I wouldn't be able to ride til then :shock: ) So my question is... does anyone have any recommendations around Gladesville? Is it better to go to the dealer even if it's more expensive by 200%, or are they just going to be apprentices anyway? Would it be better to go to a mechanic?

    I want to ride to Canberra next weekend to do a ride with my brother and can't go if I don't get the service in the meantime.

  2. $350 is reasonable for a service, particularly on a new bike when lots of things need to be checked. I suspect that your tame mechanic may have been giving you mate's rates, or perhaps only doing the very minimum to justify call it a service.
  3. I have to disagree with Paul.

    A first service given it is usually only oil/filter and checking of nuts bolts etc should cost no more than $150.

    Certainly a major service inc valve check would be reasonable at $350 for larger 4 cyl bikes.

    At the dealers, the $10 per hour apprectice will be doing the work they are going to charge you $88 an hour for, so I would never use a dealer.

    I suggest LLoyd Penn at Artarmon, good service, not cheap, but you get what you pay for, and I would be surprised if the cost for a 1st service would be more than $150-200
  4. +1 on the 'dontpay350elseyouregettingripped' point
  5. Thanks Guys, I really appreciate your advice. No one likes the feeling that they're getting ripped off, it's even worse when you know your walking into it.

    Will check out Artarmon on Monday - will be super handy as I work in the next suburb. Looks like I'll make it to Canberra next wkd :grin: :grin: :grin:
  6. Just had a 1000km service with an Artarmon dealer and was charged $194 (excl.tax).
  7. I just had my first major (12000km) service done by Hills Motorcycles in Castle Hill - parallel twin, needed new shims on the exhaust side, plus all the usual - oil, plugs, filters, balance carbies.

    They quoted me around $350, asked for $500 when I picked the bike up, then dropped it to $400 when I asked why it had gone up so much. In the end I think they did a few extra things, including tightening headset bearings etc, so I was happy with the service.

    For $350 though I can buy a whole tool set to do the job myself, so now its out of warranty, grease monkey here I come!
  8. Its a bit late :p
    But i would reccomend Lloyd Penn.
    After i bought a bike from Bikebiz, i had a blown head gasket, everyone that looked at it in the meantime said it looekd all sweet, but without pulling the engine apart you cant say its blown head gasket.

    But Bizebiz refussed to help me out even though it was a bike they sold me and happened within months, but the warrenty i had did not cover head gasket, and it was older then 5 years old. But they burnt there bridges with me so i wont be tellign anyone to see them.

    I went to Lloyd penn and asked him for a quote he said without pulling it apart it should cost somewhere between $800 - $1000 i said no worries go ahead.

    I then phoned up bikebiz just to find out the best price, and they said to me $1200 just for labor.

    Every time i have gone into Lloyd Penn i have had no issues, and the staff have always helped me out.
    And my friends who go there also say he does a very good job.