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Glad I'm A Girl ...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Rose, Nov 17, 2012.

  1. Riding down the Taralga Gap towards Goulburn a few weeks ago on the 848 I was very grateful to be a girl. With the fairly severe sports riding position and the steep incline going down the Gap, apart from my wrists getting quite sore, I wondered how you guys cope with your bits getting totally squashed on the tank. Even the bits I don't have got squashed :shock:.

  2. Well the source of stability and what keeps the upper torso in position should be the thighs and lower body.
    Death grip on the tank with the thighs is what most people including myself would use. The bits should not be contacting the tank. Most of the time hopefully. :)
  3. Sounds like a serious case of camel toad. Half camel toe, half squashed frog.
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  4. buy stick on tank grip,
    stick to the tank,
    keep balls off tank with grip from the knees when going down hill etc.
  5. I tuck it between my legs and up my bum prior to putting my leathers on
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  6. I toss mine over my shoulder

    (like a regiment soldier)
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  7. Interesting wanking technique but where do you put it when riding ?
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  8. I was on a long stretch with no other cars a few weeks back, and decided to go a few high(er) speed quick stops (new bike, just wanting to get a feel for it) and can confirm that the motorcycle wasn't a well though out vehicle design in that respect;
  9. Good thread. Would read again.
  10. Go faster.
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  11. Why you want to know ?? Going for a quick feel on the way past eh ???

    As far as the OP goes, knees, legs and forearms solve said issues.
  12. I just wrap it around my waist.

    Makes for no small amount of discomfort if the ride is particularly exciting though. I 'spose I could just run it down the leg of my pants but that would make me nervous when scraping pegs
  13. Well if anyone ever tells you to go fcuk your self you now can say i already am :ROFLMAO:
  14. Any port in a storm sailor boy
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  15. At least I know where I have been !
  16. Have heard that about you.... You find the opposite sex too much of a challenge!
  17. I think you need further research into the term 'any port'

    At ease
  18. At my age I'm done with research, just go on experience ! Now stop thinking Mick it'll only lead to a headache =D
  19. No thinking here fella. It is Netrider
  20. Ooh, Micks found a friend!
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