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Gizmag rides the terrifying KTM 1290 Super Duke R

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Loz, Jun 16, 2015.

  1. Finally finished the edit on the KTM 1290 review - we brought the drama on this one, at least for the first bit!

    What a fascinating bike - it wheelies in 4th gear at 150kmh just off the throttle, and yet I'd almost put my nanna on it, it's so easy to ride. Sport mode is all you need and you can pull the fuse on the traction control, even in the rain, because the throttle map is so nice to work with. It's an absolute beauty.

    Written review/photos: http://www.gizmag.com/ktm-1290-super-duke-r-review/37669/
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  2. Another great review Loz.

    Is this the bike the legions of MT-07 and MT-09 riders will upgrade to? Although the price tag may force some to look elsewhere.
  3. The MT-09 is probably a good example of a Superduke 1290 junior - I've got a soft spot for those things. But this is the heavyweight champion as far as I'm concerned, more grunt everywhere than anything I've ridden short of the Lightning bike. Pity it's so expensive.
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  4. .... Half a dozen spare driver's licences!!!!!
  5. A man can dream.....
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  6. You liked it then Loz?? :)

    For the money the downside's you mentioned seem to be pretty disappointing. Suspension adjustment (especially for WP), lever's, TC (stopping, 20 secs, wow), etc.

    Cool, but a lot of cash.
  7. Never disappoints, always look forward to these.
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  8. another enjoyable review :)
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  9. You know, I reckon they're all get-aroundable. Suspension is something you rarely play with once you've got it right, you get used to the gear lever, and from what I understand there's something you can do to the bike that just fcuks the traction control off altogether, that's what I'd be doing. Maybe add a power commander so I could make street mode just like sport mode, and make sport mode completely mental. Gripes aside it's right up there with the best things I've ever ridden.
  10. So.. scumbag method is to wait for the first owner to inevitably lose their licence, and pounce when they need to sell it fast to pay off the humongous fine.
    (although I imagine that most of them will get crushed).
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  11. Great review Loz!

    I was kinda hoping Nick would have popped up somewhere in that after his experiences with the MT-09..

  12. Haha Nick's actually hanging out for more rides, he had a blast. But he's over in Chile for a bit.
  13. Perhaps they (KTM) have looked at what happened to other widowmakers of history.
    The 'terrifying' TL1000S suffered very poor sales once it's wayward ways became common knowledge. The far more manageable (but arguably less exciting) VTR1000 went on to massive success.

    The question, Loz, is will this bike overcome my inherent crapness and make me look like a riding god, or will I just appear as a wannabe with too much money? (If I had any, that is).
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  14. You rang ? :)
  15. Here lies the problem - you'll be fast, but your mates will think it's because of the bike. That's why it needs a mongrel mode specifically for dirty bike swaps, so your mates can get on, scare the shite out of themselves, then get off and go "screw that psycho machine, I'm not man enough for that."
  16. I love the look and everything I've read about this bike.

    Why didn't I get my license years ago so I'd be up for riding something like this now? Bummer.

    It may be easy to ride, but I think I'll have a couple bikes in between my current LAMS steed and something like this me thinks.
  17. I'd put my nanna on it, it's not scary unless you REALLY want it to be.
  18. Love ya work dude.
    You're a cracker....


    Then after 4th gear power wheelies......

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