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Gixxers or Yammies

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Archaeon, Jan 26, 2012.

  1. Wheelie nice to be here.

    Noob to the forum, and returning on two wheels after 3 years of having no license (suspended then cancelled, speeding.. undercover popo.. court.. epic battle... ran out of money.. inevidable (reluctant) submission)... So I suppose a noob to riding (again) as well

    Now everything seems too fast!.... that... and successfully completing my social reconditioning masters to slow the flack down to satisfy law makers..ahem..

    So.. quick show of hands, whats the Gixxer : Yammy ratio in here...? ok... can we also see some hands for blades, trumps, dukes and other stuff too :)
  2. Yammie aficionado here
  3. Harley
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  4. geez goz you changed.
  5. Hoonda here

  6. lol u know it :)

    nah Yamaha bloke, not a spewzuki
  7. Was Honda Vfr now Spewsuki Strom (wanna keep my licence too)!

    Welcome mate

  8. Honda or nothing
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  9. Gixxers. 3 of them :)
  10. I kinda feel "thpethal" sitting on a Gixxer in here ... :D
  11. Awww.. not so thpethal after all .. hahahaha "Kwickasfuki" !:LOL:
  12. only ever owned kawi's :)
  13. Kawasaki. Because if it isn't lime green, it's probably a LEMON!
  14. +1 Kwaka all the way
  15. crapasaki? naaahhhhhhhh
  16. Honda now but previously always had Suzukis.
  17. I have a Yamaha and a Honda in the shed, and most of a Suzuki on its way to a repair shop.
    At the moment, the Honda runs...
  18. Kawasaki tried the rest over a 30 year period and most of them blew up or died.Kwaka is the only one that could stand the heat