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Gixxer vs Gixxer

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Clayt0nB, May 3, 2014.

  1. So I am buying a bike very shortly and these two have made it onto the short list.

    Blue 2006 with 16xxx k's or black 2008 with 24xxx kays.

    Blue is $700 cheaper though has been dropped with some minor fairing damage that I am not fussed about.

    Also open to suggestions as I am looking for either a gixxer, r6 or cbr.

  2. I don't mind the blue but I think the black looks much more aggressive just remember the black will keep you busy if you like pristine bodywork but that gives you something to do when the weather is too lousy for riding.
  3. the gixxer or the cbr will be much smoother than the peaky r6.
    I like the look of both bikes - just make sure you've done your homework and the bikes have documented history with those k's.
  4. You just found out that one of them is no longer available, which one are you most upset about missing out on?
  5. If it's a 600 you are set on, I'd ride all brands and see what you like the best. They are all different so work out what you prefer. Are you going to do track days regularly? If not consider other bikes with a less extreme riding position and ride them too, because the riding positions on these bikes can get old really quick.
    Of the two you are looking at I'd go with the black, but find out how far it's off it's first valve clearance check ( I reckon at 24k it's probably due) and work that into the negotiation on price.
  6. Or you could man up and buy the 750. So worth the extra
  7. I'd go with the 08 just for the updates:

    Introduction of new Suzuki Drive Mode Selector (S-DMS). New subframe, bodywork, and fuel tank.
  8. And if you're going for the 750 you should stop being a pussy and just go the 1000.
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  9. 750 still a more balanced bike than the thou junk
  10. Get this one...........


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  11. Yea gsx1300 why not! Il add it to the list along with a zx14 and maybe a z1000...
  12. Why rule any of those out?
    One of them may just suit you down to the ground!
  13. #13 Clayt0nB, May 4, 2014
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    Because right now I only want a 600, I'm sure I will have a thou one day but I want to enjoy a 600 first.

    But which 600 and what year is the question.
  14. Sorry.
    I thought you were open to suggestions.
    A 600 supersport isn't a good road bike imo and you can get yourself in just as much trouble on one as a thou. You just get there a tiny bit quicker on the thou.
    I'd definitely consider something like a z1000 or fz1 over a 600 supersport unless your plan is to do a couple of track days a month and only 50klm a week on the road.

    Of course that's just my opinion having been there and done that, but if someone had said the same to me 20 years ago I would have ignored them too. Have at whatever bike your heart desires. It's your ride and your cash. Enjoy!
  15. Consider Daytona 675.
    It's a very easy to ride bike and is better then most of the 600s IMO (although I'm biased in many ways).

    675 is small and compact, power delivery is just silk. Very easy to commute on if you don't mind the sporty ergo.
    It's a killer in twisties and on the track and you'll enjoy every bit of it. 675 is a sharp, precision cornering machine that can teach you a lot and will give you lots of enjoyment.
  16. Agree if you have your little heart set on a supersport the Daytona is the right choice
  17. As long as youre the right size. From one of your early posts i remember you were a compact bloke so may fit you to a t. Im 6ft and found the daytona way too cramped. If you find the same I would suggesttrying the gixxer 750. I think you'll be thankful for that little bit of extra torque in the long run over the 600s.
  18. I guess I am rather compact :)

    And yes I understand and have considered that it is a supersport on the road (I was leaning towards CBR600rr's much more at the beginning because of the slightly higher bars) but then I realized I am at that "20 years ago" point and need my turn to stupidly buy a supersport because I can.

    There is plenty of time for Z1000's in the future.

    I have considered a daytona, one of my favourite bikes but I decided not to just because its easier to find the japs. Plus if I were to get a daytona I would want it new (and don't have the cash), something for the future.
  19. More power to you mate. Just try them all and buy the one you like. You only live once, and at the very least you will be able to look back and say that you owned bike X and it was awesome!
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  20. K8 for sure, better looking and a few better features/changes, just check when the valve clearances are due to be checked (if not already done).

    I bet most people here saying a 600 is a pain on the road, are all the type who leave them on stock gearing, which makes all bikes suck, just more so on 600's and they have nothing down low.

    I'd rather a 600 geared properly (1 down 2 up from stock) than a stock geared 750.

    I've had all kinds of road bikes in fact I change them as often as underwear according to the wife. (2 Street Triples, Speed Triple, CBR6RR, Fireblade, R1, SV650, GSXR600 plus the ones I cant remember) - I had the K9 600 last year, indeed it sucked when I first got it coming off a Speed Triple with torque galore, but that's only cause it took forever to rev out, once geared properly it was great fun on the road, and not a pain at all for commuting.