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Gixxer Turns 25

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by j3st3r, Mar 6, 2010.

  1. It turns out Suzuki's baby the GSX-R has been around for 25 years and according to the article linked below it was a market revolution. Not for me to say so I'll leave it at, Happy Birthday to the Gixxer!
    Generation Gixxer​

  2. 25 years to long
  3. They should have a statistic that counts how many people have killed themselves on that model of bike... would be interesting to see. And i bet gixxers would be at the top or 2nd place, with yzf's at the top...
  4. True... Some people just cant handle a true Sports, they should have sticked to ridding Honda's and Yamaha's!! :cheeky:

  5. 25 years and the Anniversary edition has a laser-etched logo on the mufflers, 'special' GSXR logo stickers and a couple of panels painted a different colour. :woot: :roll:

    Way special.

    Still, I liked my old K1, and would have bought a newer one if I hadn't test ridden a Daytona...