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Gixxer thou......wow

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Mika, Apr 1, 2010.

  1. Finally got my precious at the start of March :] Had clear armour installed on it before I picked it up too which should help keep the duco in good nic.

    Already had first service and after setting up the suspension at the same time I just fell in love with the bike even more.

    Started trying some new cornering techniques (mostly based on my body english) on the way home from work today and tried some new things on the bike and found a really nice groove for myself so twisty bits will be really fun now.

    Plans for it after rollcage for the car is complete include; a Racefit Growler exhaust (825g titanium exhaust (drool)), PCV, HEL brake lines (tempted to just get the fronts as rears are just for looks), some pads with more bite, some stickier tyres and maybe then some circuit work will be on the books for both my toys :)

    The exhaust on the bike from factory is butt ugly..... but it sounds so dam good and is at the perfect volume for both getting up the bike and just cruising on the highway (boring). It also doesn't annoy the neighbours / parents etc

    Anyone considering buying one of these bikes (same goes for the 2010 model, same bike) should definitely ride one ASAP. They feel totally natural right from the get go, and nothing beats a suzi gearbox!

    Original location I know :p

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  2. Niiiiiice bike, congratulations Mika.
  3. nice mirror photo!
  4. Thanks. I haven't been shooting for a while so it was nice to get back into it a little. Was difficult getting different angles though due to my shadow getting into some shots + too lazy to move the bike at the time + wearing a brand new t shirt which I was not getting dirty haha

    Going out tonight for some night shooting with my trusty tripod. Probably take the gf's wrx along too and maybe get the gf in some of the shots as well :]
  5. Look forward to more, that's a verrrr nice bit of gear.

    I love how easy and natural Suzis feel straight away. By comparison the Daytona is nervous and flighty, but a helluva lot of fun.

    And yeah, nothing wrong with my gearbox, but Suzuki does them better than anyone.

    Enjoy the new toy!
  6. Nice bike mate, got the same bike and colour.. Best bike out there, got the PCV, Yoshi, BMC, lever's etc etc.

    Only makes it better :)

    Ride safe.
  7. Nice, beautiful condition, great colour combination, you did good!
  8. another spewzukie :D
  9. impressive !!!!!
  10. Nice bike mate. Looks the goods in white also. Enjoy and safe riding.
  11. Gixxer thou... nuff said :)