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Gixxer rider with a sense of family duty

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by tankgirl, Jul 29, 2009.

  1. You have to appreciate a Judge that sees the big picture & does the decent thing...

  2. question is, did he do it all in his suit or riding gear??
  3. Frickin' grassing on a soldier.

    How low.
  4. what a nice judge, 9 months for that I get a 12 months for a mono
  5. Yeh and being in the army he will probably be on deployment for 6 months of that...
  6. How would they know that? I doubt his bike is camouflaged.
  7. By the crew-cut under his helmet, duhhhhh.
  8. The judge must have been having a good day........... thats a very light penalty.
  9. plus, everyone knows if you're going past a military base you can open it up cause they have a secret deal with the police not to arrest soldiers innocently going about their military business. (3rd gear wheelstands past puckapunyal at 3am :-w ).
  10. Barring millions of dollars at your disposal for the finest justice money can buy, isn't it nice to know that the fate of your license, career, and family can rest on whether or not someone in a wig scored a blowjob that morning or not?

    Yay legal system!
  11. sounds like my morning commute :LOL: *boom-tish*
  12. Honestly made me smile, hope he made it on time
  13. great story, kinda gives u hope that there is good in people of this world.....
  14. or towing people around the pucka ring road on roller skates at 4 am :-w
  15. Dude, next time when you get to the funeral jump in the coffin, they'll never think to look for you in there.