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Gixxer engine + Smart Car = Epic Donuts....

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Loz, Mar 2, 2006.

  1. I dunno, does it look like these guys are having a bit of fun?


    /Warning, soundtrack is one of those "grar grar" sore throat speed metal bands.

  2. Bout time they found a real use for one of those stupid little smart cars!
  3. i wanna take one of those to summernats

    that's cool
  4. lol that speed metal band is devildriver, good s***
  5. Hey hey that's the Smartuki. I've seen this thing before. Somewhere i have a clip of it flying around a race track.



    hmmm if i had the cash to afford a smart car then this mod would be SERIOUSLY tempting. You could blow away all the ricer boys in there WRX's, V8's, Turbo 4's AND still maintain a decent fuel economy :grin:

    Oh yeah and the WOW factor of hearing a little biatch box rev like that and go whoosing past would be priceless!!!!

    One big question is: "Does it have a reverse?"


  6. Would it need it?

    It seems to turn on its own circle. You'd just need to drop the clutch and in an instant you'd be facing the other direction.

    Reverse is irrelevent in a car like this.
  7. If the Gixxer engine fits perfectly into the Smart hatchback then it should fit into the Smart Roadster - then you'd have something that can also go round corners :grin:.
  8. That would be the best sleeper ever, Show all those import drivers how it's really done at the lights
  9. (Delayed reaction on my part, i know, but...)

    That would be like Pauly's car on SBS's Pizza!

    (He was restricted to a small capacity car because he was caught hooning too often, so he hotted up a Smart Roadster. Even when he went past police at 150km/h, they refused to believe he was speeding because of the car he was in. Very funny stuff - In a silly kind of way!)
  10. :LOL: Yeah I remember that. Actually the Smart Roadster's not a bad car as long as you're not tall, kinda reminds me of some of the early Lotus' like the Elan or Europa. Pity it was overpriced and underpowered. Of course the twin-turbo, 1.4L V6, Brabus version of the Roadster would be fun :grin:
  11. too much money .... too much time .... waste of a gsxr1000 engine .... gixxer corners as well : :]
  12. Top gear and Pizza... why SBS has it right.
  13. nice.. very nice! would love to give one of them a cruise :)

    whats the rev limit on them?
  14. Don't forget South Park!
  15. Would have to be a slow wrx to be beaten by that thing ( it may look great doing donuts but you can see from just watching the clip that it's got nothing until they're revving the crap out of it ).

    As for ricer boys driving V8's? Great comment from someone who owns a ZZR250 lmao.
  16. heh heh, it's like watching pylon aircraft racing!
  17. You'd get tired of it pretty quickly, but it'd be an absolute hoot until you did!
  18. I don't know many rexies that'll pull a 0-100km/h in 4.0 secs Flat without some serious mods, which, is what the Smartuki can do.

    I don't understand your comment about me riding a ZZR250 and relating that to my comment on a V8 ricer boy???