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Gixxer 750 2000 spitting oil

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Chlowen, Jan 1, 2010.

  1. Hey all,

    I just topped up my oil and gave the bike a bit of a run, only to find it is spitting a bit of oil when revved, is this normal for this bike and age? I have a yoshi pipe on it, just had a full service and tune up a couple of months ago. Is this why they call suzuki's oil burners?


  2. How many k's on it? Mine's done over 80,000km and does exactly the same thing - needs a top end rebuild and piston rings, valve seals etc (all the stuff that keeps the oil where it should be, not going out the exhaust ports) replaced. Just wear over time/distance.

    Simple but expensive explanation, unfortunately.
  3. 40,000km, I will just run it until it dies I guess. I will get the guys at suzuki to check it out next service.


  4. Is it oil or watery soot?
  5. It could be watery soot, not 100% sure, just know that i need to add a bit of oil every couple of months.

  6. I thought that any oil getting into the chamber would cause smoke?

    Compression test? What do the plugs look like?
  7. If it's only done 40,000km and you're only topping up every couple of months (depending on usage...) I doubt it's the same top-end issues I'm having.

    For what it's worth mine blows droplets of oil (it's black, but it's oil) when revved warm or cold, a little black smoke... apparently there's some blue smoke when I knock it down a gear hard going into a corner, but I only know this from having a mate ride behind me, I can't replicate on the stand.

    If it's going in for service soon get them to do a compression test, and I think 40,000km is valve adjustment time, so they should have a look at them too.
  8. it sounds to me like condensation (black watery sooty stuff).

    most bikes use a bit of oil in normal operation. some more than others. generally the older they get, the more they use.

    when valve stem seals are gone, the motor will blow oil smoke (blue usually) when the motor is under decelleration, or at idle... or any other time when the cylinder is under vacuum.

    if it blows oil smoke under acceleration, it could well be due to blow by (as blow by gasses are recirculated back into the intake and burnt). blow by is usually from worn out piston rings. u can blow oil smoke with a cracked piston too.

    generally oil in the cylinder = smoke. if oil is coming out the exhaust (i doubt it very much), you have some serious problems.

    black smoke is simply fuel smoke (running rich).
  9. It could also be fuel mixing with the soot in the exhaust.

    Does it smell?

    Is that year carbie?
  10. Nup, injected.
  11. Then I'd say it's just condensate as the others have suggested.
  12. I will double check tonight, too hot to ride today, bit of a wuss when it comes to extreme heat. It doesn't blow smoke at all, I will let the engine run for a bit and see if it is just condensation.