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giving speed trap the finger

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by MonkeyMagic, May 14, 2007.

  1. in respone to that WA rider getting done, has anyone been pulled over for "looking like" a rider/bike thats been done for speeding head on at obscene speeds past a camera etc?

    Assuming your not a dumb ass about it with unique tats etc and a criminal record as long as a dunny roll, you could claim its just one of the hundreds (thousands?) of bikes that look the same?

    Victoria - the Revenue state

  2. I wouldn't start dressing like ghost rider there hero!
  3. lol what?

    blacking out your bike and clothes is just asking for trouble heheh
  4. I don't think the typical road cop in Victoria (and rest of Oz) would know of Ghost Rider (the 'infamous' one)
  5. Did you get pulled over because you looked like a rider that was seen passing a fixed camera at high speed?
  6. no, id be lucky to go quicker than a golf buggy on my little kwaka :)

    im just curious in response to what happened with the dude in WA (check the other thread).

    wondering if the cops have much of leg to stand on if they want to bust you.. guess its a bit like running from the cops with no plate.
  7. I'll often give the Tenix camera car a finger, whether I'm in the car or bike..
  8. there was a pic take was shown on chnl 10 news, i think, a cple of nights ago of an mc rider flip'n off a camera.

    i'm guessing it was from a speed camera. the picture quality wasn't that great but it was funny to see.
  9. I quite like this one, although he forgot to 'flip the bird'


  10. :grin: :rofl:

    That's GREAT!

    .......ah, I mean..........that terrible, irresponsible etc, etc. :cool:

    Shouldn't take too long to catch them dudes though if they really want to. There can't be too many people able to stunt like that, and then it's just a case of finding the one that does so on that bike.
  11. Driver fingered by police

  12. The 105mph biker who gave two-finger salutes to speed cameras

  13. No, I ride a zzr :LOL:
  14. Interesting....considering it's perfectly legal to ride one handed, why should it have been a contributing factor to being charged with dangerous driving? :?
  15. Man fined for speed camera V-sign

  16. I know certain intersections have rta monitering cams on them, whats stopping the coppers from seeing a bike taken through a speedcamera and just looking at say a moniter cam footage in the next intersection to get the footage?
  17. No it isnt, they can give you a ticket for "Driving without proper control" cause you dont have both hands on the bars. Same thing if they are pr!cks they can give you a ticket for driving a car with one hand.
  18. thats why i change gears with my head ;)