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Givi Tanklock system

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Garido, Sep 1, 2012.

  1. Hi there,

    I want to get myself a tank bag and try to figure out what system is best. Heard various things about magnetic or strap on bags ruining the paint job on the tank, etc.

    Had a look at Givi's tanklock system, which seems like a good idea. Not sure though if it will fit my 2002 Gixxer 750. They have a PDF download on the Givi website, but that doesn't even list the 750 at all. Has anyone got any experience with this system and knows if it will fit other bikes (and may be my 750 K2)?

  2. I have one. there is a fitting ring that you install over the fuel cap ring that is bought as a seperate piece and comes in different sizes for different models of bike.

    good piece of kit with no scratching - just a slightly ugly ring sitting on top of the tank when the bag isn't in use
  3. I have the SW Motech with an SW Motech Bags Connection tank bag. I got the tank ring with 12V connection to the battery to now I have a 12V ciggie socket in my bag to charge phone, etc.

    Not sure what the Givi is like but I can certainly attest to the incredible quality of the SW Motech kit.

  4. You can protect your paintwork by placing a clean , thin piece of fabric under the magnetic tank bag. I use a piece of silk.It works fine.
  5. Same as Voz.
    Ive got two sets, the bags connection non electric, and electric. I also got a camera mount for the ring so it can attach to it easily.
  6. The Bags-Connection can be "locked" onto the tank ring with a 5mm pin - a friend uses a 5mm stainless Alan head bolt about 25mm long. It prevents the unlocking mechanism moving.
    The Givi units don't have this feature.
  7. The givi one has some useless strap on the top that has worn away some of my paintwork much to my annoyance. I'm going to cut the stupid strap off.

    Apart from that I'm really happy with mine.