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GIVI did not bounce at 98kph.. just broke

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by endurotour, May 16, 2008.

  1. While heading into the city on the tulla, some nice people in a car (buisness men dudes) pointed to the back of my bike, I then noticed the little GIVI top box was not were i believe it shoudl have been..
    I pulled up to have another chap in a van let me know it was back around the bend..

    A quick ish loop back, Bell st etc, and I was looking for it, heading out bound I noticed 2.. black objects.. not 1..

    loop around, pull over, and yes it has taken a mighty fall, no damage to others, (thankfully), the lock was missing, and the complete unit well @^!%^%&#^#&^#....
    I made a nice pile of the bits well clear of the raod, and today noticed they had been removed.. felt a little guilty leaving the rubbish, but it was not safe to put them on the bike...

    Today I went to look at nice shoulder bags, or maybe a pannier system..
    or perhaps a top box with a big A## bolt holding it on as well as the lock..
  2. My Motodry tank-bag is incredibly grouse.

    You should get an incredibly grouse Motordry tank-bag too.
  3. Yeah, thats gotta suck.

    I had a similar thing happen with my tail bag on Wednesday.

    I finished work at the Eye & Ear horse-piddle, put my bag on the rack, answered my phone, spoke, hung up, got on, took off, nailed it and this pedestrian steps out in front of me.

    Stupid prick!!!!

    Till I realised he was telling me that my bag had fallen off the back of the bike :oops:

    Someone forgot to clip it on :oops: Good thing it isn't a hard plastic and its a fabric bag. Bavarian Kwaliti babeeeeeeeee

    Are you sure your box wasn't hit by a vehicle and destroyed?
  4. Al, why doesn't this supprise me?

    So soft Panniers are the way to go? Deal
  5. If this was something falling off a ute there would be outrage! :LOL:
  6. But I don't want an incredibly grouse Motordry tank-bag.

    I've got a GTR and I can fit a Volkswagen in each pannier. :p
  7. Ktulu wrote:
    Not sure if incredibly grouse would suit my bike. Do they also come in medium grouse?
  8. LOL, meduim grouse would be an ALDI one like mine, just as good but nowhere near the price :wink: Done 50,000 kms with it in all conditions, not one drama.
  9. well its all good, the down side of the top box being gone is the lack of storage for the winter gear, so i arrivied home this morning I was rather wet...
    I might even go a large double helmet option, with a set of the aussie 'andys' soft panniers, i had the "virago' leather ones on the bike the other night, complete with the tassels and it sort of worked.. in a country-broke-back kinda way :grin:

    The tank bags are ok, alas i have a plastic tank, and I like the security of the top box, good when in strange to me places...

    The box looked like it had only the one hit (ground) so lucky not to damage a cage or cause something worse...

    cheers al
  10. Givi's suck. They are known for doing that sort of thing. I also don't think the design brief was for bouncing down the road......
    But anyway, I would just get another non Givi topbox, and mount it properly. Sandwich plate both sides of teh plastic, and rubber isolators at teh mounting points. What happens is vibration fatigues the plastic around teh fasteners, and off she goes.
    By using a plate, you are clamping a large area of plastic, and teh rubber isolators will reduce problems further.
    Anyway, you have a GTR, use the panniers!

    Regards, Andrew.
  11. HI Typhoon,

    My experience with Givi's is the opposite of yours. Not using a top box only panniers but they have remained secure, watertight and secure over many 10's of thousands of K's on tarmac and rutted dirt and never had an issue.
  12. I don't know about a medium grouse but here's a full-grown one. :LOL:

  13. i left my bag open!!

    I did the stupid thing of leaving my ventura bag unzipped after i put my plastic pants on last nite. Was on the way when it started to rain, pulled under an overpass on the westgate fwy where the split to bolte bridge is, Graham St I think goes over. anyway, I forgot to ZIP UP.. Lost my farkin shirt, Tie, wallet and mobile fone. After back tracking, found shirt to be in the middle of the road between footscary rd and nth melb exit, and that was all I spotted until I got to Esseendon close to home, found the mobile on the ground opposite the Linc hotel, screen was fark'd, cost $95 to fix today but the wallet is the biggest headache. cards etc waiting for weeks for normality!! As Mark Moran said as he walked out after visiting his brother Jason in remand, 'FAARRRRRRRKKKKKKKKKKKKKK''
    but hey, could be worse, could be living in china!!
  14. We lost a socket set and one Alpinestar boot from a ventura bag that was not zipped up. I though it was funny, the boy did not
  15. My statement was specifically directed at their top boxes. I have heard nothing bad about their panniers, and they look great too.

    Regards, Andrew.
  16. All of these post are worthless without pics.
    I am looking into some storage options for my r1....
  17. Well the top box is on hold for the moment, looking at getting a set og GIVI panniers (sml) and rack/rails etc in from the US, then run a soft bag over the top, as for photos I am still workin the angle,,,