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Given up honking

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by 12RS, Aug 22, 2012.

  1. I've been back on the road (after a year off) for about a week now and am amazed by the number of close calls i've had.

    I've had no less than three people change into my lane (i'm pretty damn careful about sitting in blind spots too), and one twat who didn't want to take the exit on the F4 he was aiming for, so jammed on the brakes and turned back onto the freeway.

    On each occasion I just do nothing, I can't be bothered anymore. On the 1800 i'd rev the engine to express my anger (better than any horn), but now I just shrug it off and thank god I keep ample buffer zones each time.

    Anyway, rant over.
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    I would get angry at this but I do it to others far more than I'd like to admit.

    The main problem is most people start head checking after they begin moving. I've had this happen to me a lot and every time the vehicle merging stops within half a foot into the lane. When I've been the offender I haven't got near the other lane.

  3. That's pretty much my attitude too. In Sydney honking either does nothing positive or escalates the aggro - unfortunately there is a non trivial percentage of the driving populationthat will equate being honked at with sexually assaulting their daughter, I.e. complete psychos.

    I go over these sorts of incidents in my mind and ask myself 1. What could I have done different/better to anticipate it, and 2.Once in the situation did I take the best course of action to ensure my safety.... may as well try to get something positive out of it, what else can you do?
  4. Get an air horn and blast away
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  5. Even though this incidents are the norm, I still like to use the horn, because it at least let's people know they have done something wrong. I find in about half my weekly incidents, the driver is just oblivious to the impact of their actions.
  6. I'm hearing ya mate, I don't use the horn just allow a little more space. I think using it can do 2 things 1. Makes you pissed off and angry and 2. Can make you lose concentration which may not have you ready for what will happen next. Not going to get to the destination much quicker anyway and I'd prefer to get there then not. I taken the attitude of cars and trucks are the kings of the road I just have to fit in around them. It's not like you can argue with them they have a lot more metal and safety around them than we do. Keep safe mate :biker:.
  7. +1.. My Stebel gets the job done everytime :D
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  8. I've actually gone through three Stebels in my time (and have two in my fourby at the moment), and I'm always a bit disappointed with the volume. I know they have to be compact, but all these new little Jap/Euro cars seem to be louder and more irritating.

    Good point also about indicating then head checking - I do that as well and am very very rarely near the biker's lane by the time I see him or her. Never thought of it like that.
  9. I keep my thumb on the horn button in the close traffic situations. This allows me to make a bit of noise when I see there is a potential catastrophe coming up.
  10. Not only do I not honk when cars merge into my lane, my pulse rate doesn't even change these days.... I generally just accelerate ahead of them. I might shake my head slightly if I'm in a grumpy mood.
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  11. Good to see a rider realize the importance of good traffic skills, over horn blowing or anything else.
    Well done :)
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  12. Cheers. I've also taken to wearing a high viz vest as well - something I'd have not been caught dead in (good pun there somewhere) when I was a younger rider. Last night I was glad I had it on! That was a wild ride.
  13. I've found the longer I have been riding the fewer incidents I have. Maybe just acclimatising to the city riding conditions and naturally responding earlier to things that are happening around me
  14. I rev the engine to alert people and let them know that I am p$%#@d off.

    Yesterday I rode home in the rain from the city (Mlbrne), and 2 cages decided to overtake a longline of traffic in a single lane stretch of road.

    It was raining really heavily and they didn't give a dam.

    Then one of the cars pulled into my space when the road narrowed.He didnt even have the guts to meet my eye when I came along beside him.

    Never use the horn now, for the same reasons mentioned earlier!
  15. I use my Stebel liberally. I find it is of enormous value in scaring the shit out of women in Landcruisers.
  16. Its exactly those sorts of drivers that have no idea of their surroundings. I agree a honk would educate them, but as I said before I just can't be bothered. They usually know when they've ****ed up.
  17. +1 to giving up on honking...sadly mine came about out of lazyness for not wanting to fix one wire to hook my horn back up - i've since realised i focus far more on my road-craft than i do on using the horn in a somewhat futile attempt to alert a driver when half the time they continue with their action (merging etc.) before they bother to look or do anything about it however in saying this when my horn wasn't connected i never really travelled into say the cbd or a more heavy traffic situation beside's peak hour traffic on the great western highway