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VIC Giveaway Campaign to Newbies

Discussion in 'Wanted' at netrider.net.au started by Voltran, Jan 24, 2016.

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  1. Hey,

    Guys, I just finished my 1000 km. Now we had some rainy days and i realized that i must have rain gear for winter. After i spend loads of money to helmet, jacket, gloves, knee and shin protectors, i'm literally broke.

    If you have something to spare for a good reason, i'm here.

    What i have;
    • Honda CBR 300RA
    • Helmet,
    • Jacket
    • Knee & Shin Guards
    • Summer Gloves
    • Binoculars (for stargazing)
    • School Backpack (9 years old backpack)

    What i don't have are;

    • Motorcycle Shoes
    • Rain Trousers
    • Rain Jacket
    • Any Motorcycle Bag ( Including Magnetic Fuel Tank Bags, Saddle Bags, Top Bags etc )
    • Bike Swag ( this is very important, if i can have one, it will increase the range of my trips )
    • Sleeping Bag (or)
    • Raincover for Backpacks
    • Raincover for feet
    • Raincover for gloves or a Rainproof winter motorcycle glove.
    • Thermal insert for Gloves
    • Any Kind of Tie Down Strap
    • Any Kind of Tie Down Net
    • Chain Oil
    • Chain Grease
    • Rear Stand
    • Front Stand
    • Starfleet United Federation Of Planets Sticker
    • Motorcycle Rain Cover
    • Any kind of strong heavy duty cloth that can be used to protect motorcycle from rain and hail
    • Balaclava
    • Shubert SRC module for S2 :D
    • A motorcycle book
    • A Compass
    • A Detailed Map
    • A Good backpack
    • A Toy Flail to frighten bad drivers (will fix it somewhere close to my left hand, to vandalise around)
    • Engine Oil

    Btw under these economically broke situation, i found a creative way to use my Quicksilver school bag, to carry some food to my beach trips like a pro.

    If i can't find a rain trousers, i will go an buy this 7 $ pvc rain trousers to give it a try.


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  2. #2 BMWRX, Jan 24, 2016
    Last edited: Jan 24, 2016
    If anyone has a spare Tuono V4R lying around, I'd appreciate a donation.

    I think your 'campaign' has merit in that it could get new riders into the protective they should be wearing. However, I'm thinking that you'll only get flogged out equipment being offered up.

    As for rain kit, Aldi has it cheap once or twice a year. Failing that, eBay is your friend (which is full of Aldi level stuff being flogged off) or Gumtree.
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  3. Winter's a way off so hopefully you'll be able to save up for the most important stuff on your list (the flail)...
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  4. I have some gloves and pants you can have
    pm me
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  5. @BMWRX , will check Aldi for it. Today i checked Bunnings but i did not like those rain workwears.
    @chillibutton, i'm into a basal metabolism state till winter :) Hope it will provide me some more bucks to buy missing items.
    Uncle GregUncle Greg thanks a lot ! That's awesome, pm'd.

    Bought the tie downs today, now i can fix any bag to the rear saddle. Without removing the saddle and tucking things under it. :)
  6. Thanks again to Uncle GregUncle Greg now i sorted out the winter gloves, rain cover for gloves @ rain trousers. I guess i need to find a job to get more gears :)
  7. silly question... if you have no money, why did you by a motorcycle?
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  8. If i had no money i could not buy it at all :) The gears are costing quite much more than i thought and to use it all year, I need so many equipments like bikers swag, front and rear stands etc. Also everything is overpriced here, so that's why my budget just got a hole on it.
  9. +Shifting Shoe Protector
    +Heat Shield for exhaust

    is needed too :D Just realized :)
  10. This reminds me of the guy in the states, who over the course of a year, swapped his way up from a paperclip to a house.
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  11. ...but he still started with a paperclip.
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  12. I kind of like your idea, that if people have something they don't use anymore and they can afford to pay it forward instead of selling it then that's awesome. But seriously VoltranVoltran your wish list is ridunkulous! !!!!!!!!!
    Your super lucky with Uncle GregUncle Greg he's a good fella.
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  13. Murph289Murph289 I have the paperclip, come on. JustusJustus If i was a girl believe my in a summer, i would have made my way up to a bmw sr1000 selling my ass off, i would even open franchises :D Mom & dad bought the motorcycle, can't ask for more for now :)

    jonnymacjonnymac okay i can live without the flail against bad drivers, no one hears when i curse inside anyway. But the rest is really necessary. I even bought the binoculars, it will come on 3 feb. Scavenged lots of maps from Melbourne Fed Square Information Desk :D Uncle GregUncle Greg is really one of a kind ! When i went to his place, the lady in the information desk asked which Greg you wanna talk ? I said the motorcycle Greg ! His fame is going all over his workplace. Everyone should have an Uncle Greg :)

    Wish we had that Lentils as Anything all around the Australia ? It would really reduce my food expenses for my big Australia Tour :)

    Btw i'm looking for a job too. Just for info. ( pushing the limits of luck )
  14. glad someone said it. I don't have more than most of this stuff and I ride all weather and don't have a car!
  15. yep his wish list is long
    but he really doesn't have much
    I don't know if they will fit but I have a pair of dragon's if you want them as well mate
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  16. now you're going to guilt me into helping aren't you?

    I have some cans of chain lube, a tankbag, neck warmer, thermal glove liners and some occy straps
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  17. I just sent another few grand to the tax dept mate hope that helps.
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  18. JabbaJabba Those are awesome ! i'm definitely interested in them ! Pm'ed.
  19. replied
  20. So you've got a bike and gear and the only thing you have bought is binoculars? That's some kind of magic trick!
    Maybe I should go on the doll and do the same, live life off someone elses back and take advantage of generous people.
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