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Give us this day our daily Wiz.....

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by hornet, Aug 17, 2005.

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  1. In 1972 I was trying to stay warm, and sane, doing my Army training in Bonegilla, NSW (Albury area). I was 100s of Kms away from my girlfriend and family, and one of the things that made the nights bearable was a recently-released album of Wizard of Id cartoons. I loaned 5 copies of the album before I managed to keep one, and although battered, I still have it.
    So I am planning on starting a joke post called The Daily Wiz, and posting a scan of one of these hilarious strips each day. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have over the last 30-odd years.
    The first introduces the characters, and has the first strip......

  2. gotta love the Wiz.... Mabey I should get a copy to read while I'm out a Bonegilla doing what you were 33 yr's ago!
  3. man, if it wasn't so precious to me, I'd lend it to you, but I did that five times before and the loans became gifts! It's out of print big-time, that's why I'm doing the scans. If you like I can compile them into a pdf file?
    Biggest problem about being in Bonegilla is that the Niagra Cafe in Albury has been knocked down!!
  4. "page is no longer available"
  5. D'oh! Try it now..
  6. Yeah, Parker and Hart are still churnin' them out, I don't know how they're not repeating themselves by now. In my opinion, the stuff from the 70's is a lot sharper and funnier, nevertheless.
  7. Thanks to being up in Sydney with Skuff and Mouth last night, (and getting home around one o'clock, (ok for youse young blokes, but, zzzzzzzzz)) I didn't post the daily wiz last night.
    here 'tis
  8. Argh...have to love comedy, if you are feeling down nothing better than a good laugh. Would love to access the PDF. Never have seen the intro before most appreciated

    Cheers 8)
  9. The album I have was published in 1971, but the cover says "First Bumper Edition, re-issued by public demand", so it may have come out originally earlier than that. I am going to compile a number of the scans into smaller pdfs soon-ish!
  10. and I thought this was a thread about me!

    I do enjoy the wiz though
  11. Sorry to disappoint you, Aussie wiz! :D I do hope your wife is not as threatening as Blanche!!! I'm glad you enjoy the Wiz, here's strip 5
  12. I dont think anything is as threatening as blanche
  13. I want a night in with Gwen :wink:
  14. So would Rodney, if only he knew.......
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.