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Give up Motorbikes? Possibility.

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Justus, Mar 21, 2007.

  1. Distinct possibility.

    Had MRI scan to confirm sugeons decision that surgury is required (for the 3rd time)

    Just waiting on surgeons quote for surgery my daughter urgently needs. No private
    health cover & not prepared to have her on waiting list for 6-9mths.

    Already 60% hearing loss to one ear.

    Previous (2) operations were 1hr both times &cost me nearly $5000. This
    one is serious. Will be 3hrs. Have no choice, it has to be done & surgury is all
    using microscope. Risks will be total hearing loss & loss of facial movement as the
    area to be operated on is now right next to the main nerve controlling facial muscles.

    Depending on invoice, first thing to go will be the bikes. :cry:

  2. You will be glad that you got that cheap one the other day, wont you
  3. Sorry to hear about that MG. Kiddies always come first in my books. I would do/give up anything for my 2 little tackers.
  4. Family comes first dude, but you already know that. If you have to sell the bikes, then that's what you gotta do. (I'm sure you'll make a tidy profit on a certain Gixxer6...) But that doesn't mean you've got to 'give up motorbikes', you might just need to take a break for a while until all the family shit is sorted..
  5. That's a hard break. Sorry to hear it.
    Do what you gotta do. There's always another opportunity somewhere up the road, and at least you'll know you did everything you could.
  6. Hope it all works out for the best for you.

    Family 1st
    Family 2nd
    Family 3rd
    Family 4th
    Family 5th
    Family 6th

    Bike???? Not even top ten!
  7. hope it all goes well for you and your family.

    and maybe it is a reason for others to think about the family first and income/ insurance protection second. then bikes. even nothing worst than coming off hte bike and having no protection to support the rider and family.
  8. Sad to hear/read about this MG.

    Bikes are replaceable at anytime, but family arent.

    Sincerely hope all goes well.
  9. Hope all go's well bloke

    I've been there with the family operation stuff, both daughter and wife needed very expensive ops and chemo, but I have stayed in private health, despite it's exorbitant premiums.

    As always, anything I can do to help, let me know.
    (but I am broke, with the move to Qld, so sadly I can't help financially till the tassie house sells)

  10. Bikes are replaceable people are not.
    One day you may get teh chance to come back, but your daughters health is the only desision.

    Take care MG
  11. Whoa - so that's 2 ways a ZX10R with aftermarket pipes can cause hearing loss! :eek:

    Good onya, MG. I hope the op goes well and your spawn makes a full recovery!
  12. sorry to hear bout this. but you're right - family is first. i'll cross my fingers that all works out this time round. and that there is still a bike somewhere in your future.
  13. Best wishes for your daughter.
  14. Sorry to hear MG. Hope she's going to be alright.

    Just out of curiosity - why are you paying for her medical care/op? My youngest has undergone numerous cardiac surgeries (longest was 6hrs) and procedures in her 11 yrs...plus she's spent much time in the ICU at the RCH and we've never had to pay a single cent...no private health cover...all Medicare. No waiting lists either - all surgeries anad procedures were done when required.
  15. Thanks guys. Appreciate all your responses.

    I'm pretty pissed at this point. Had private cover for years & was never required so I
    stopped it all awhile ago & now this. Worried about my daughter. She is always cheery
    but too young I think to comprehend/realise how serious her condition has now become.

    I tried asking the surgeon for an approximate but he wouldnt tell me which has been
    playing on me. He told me to just wait until I receive it in the mail.

    I have no hesitations in doing whatever is necessary for her to get her hearing restored,
    or at the very least, do whats possible for it not to get any worse because you always
    going to do that for your kids.

    I'll just be pretty upset if it ever becomes apparent that I have to give up riding for an
    extended period of time because I love it so much.

    The most difficult thing to do will be meeting my brothers to hand in my vest/patch because
    what it represents means the world to us so I'm trying not to dwell on it too much until the
    quote comes in the mail.

    I havent taken the baby bonus into account so fingers crossed it means I wont have to

    Oh well shit happens & if worse comes to worst: Cathar, I'll still meet you so you can take
    the beast out for a run & then I'll be outta here.
  16. hang in there mg.....
  17. Hey man, if worst comes to worst we could always do a patented "Netrider Whiparound" and buy a CT90 or something...
  18. I pay for everything in full.

    In regards to medicare rebates, they cover a certain percentage of the
    sugeons fee. No cover for all other costs eg hospital bedroom, pre/post-
    operative care, anesthetist etc.

    We have no concessions eg pension, health care cards etc.

    I'm been taking her to the surgeon every fortnight. Thats another $225
    each pop. Sometimes it may be 15mins, sometimes its 3mins. Makes no
    difference I still pay the same flat rate. Then I've got medications, then I've
    got the Audiologist; thats another $425 each time shes tested.

    So it already is costing abit, & thats even before the operation costs.

    If I had private health cover or we had a Health Care Card, we'd be laughing.

    I could kick myself for stopping private insurance years ago.
  19. Oh..then perhaps she is eligible for her own HCC? Our youngest was. You should look into that...best bet is ask to talk to a social worker at the hospital. The amt you're paying/looking at paying is ridiculous...(as far as I"m concerned! ;) ).

    Speak to the hospital social worker..it's worth a shot..see if she's eligible for her own HCC....don't bother dealing with Centrelink...they tell you a different story each time.

    All the best

  20. Good point!!
    My Daughter and then wife were going to hospital/doctors so often we got a HCC, and now ALL our medical expenses are bulk billed, or discounted, and the PBS is dirt cheap prescriptions

    Well worth checking out, get some return on your taxes bloke, that's why you pay them.