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Give the nod

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by anthony-h, Sep 13, 2016.

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  1. It's a good feeling returning home after 10 years overseas, and when I picked up a bike and started riding again, it was good to see that fellow riders still acknowledge each other with a quick nod whilst riding past. A culture that I'm glad to see has endured and continued.
    So give the nod when you see your fellow rider on the road, and acknowledge them for what they are - a fellow rider that enjoys riding bikes ... even those ones on scooters ... if they nod first ...

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  2. Welcome to NR anthony-hanthony-h
    The 'nod' is a damn fine tradition. It's like 'wave' between drivers on outback roads.
    All it means is: I'm a human being; you're a human being; let's not meet by accident!
  3. Welcome back to the land of Aus. But, no, I won't nod to every rider every time.

    smeesmee a nodding thread as an intro, this has to be a first.....
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  4. I do if the other rider nods first but I don't instigate it in case they don't nod back :notworthy:
  5. Maybe it's because I'm on older rider now, but I always nod (if I can). Sometimes when carving up some twisties I don't have time or I'm setting up for a corner. When I started riding Nodding to a fellow rider was considered something experienced riders did. Inexperienced riders didn't know what the nod was, Harley riders and scooter riders were the exception. Harley riders were too cool to nod and I never found out what the issue was with Scooter riders.
  6. Maybe he thinks it's best to bring havoc right from the get-go.
  7. Just another nodding thread isn't it?
  8. Lol, no one knows..... its one of life's great mysteries...........like the square root of a million
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  9. I have only a nodding acquaintance with these sorts of threads

    Welcome, by the way!
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  10. The square root of a million is one thousand.
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  11. Black magic........:p

    Also welcome Anthony by the way!!
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  12. It's getting close to my afternoon nod off
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  13. #13 Senator17, Sep 13, 2016
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    Oh yeah, welcome Anthony

    Maybe working out why scooter riders don't nod is like working out the square root of minus 2
  14. Welcome to NR Anthony
  15. Welcome Anthony good on you for getting back on the bikes . Don't forget to consult your doctor before nodding
  16. i1.4142136

    Edit: Blacker magic
  17. If you check that number on your calculator, you'll find that the calculator actually said Error, then gave the number. There is no answer to the square root of minus 2. To get a negative result, you must multiply a negative number with a positive number. But if you multiply two negative numbers, you get a positive answer so sumin 1.4142... X minus 1.4242... = 2, not minus two.
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  18. SqRt 2 = 1.4142136
    SqRt -1 = i (Absolute value=1)

    Therefore SqRt -2 = i * 1.4142136

    As I said - blacker magic
  19. Oh, imaginary units
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