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Give me your pinions on this

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by chuck, Feb 11, 2006.

  1. Ok I've just started riding again after about a year off from a bad accident now I'm only riding a postie :LOL: cause it's light and easy to handle anyway I wear the usual , gloves , helmet , boots , jacket , and jeans my mate comes around last night and laughs because I wear all my gear when on the postie , reckons it's stupid ?? he rides a hardley by the way .

    I already have my opinions ( I won't ride without gear on full stop ) if I didn't have my gear on a year ago I wouldn't be able to scratch my a** .
    I just want to hear the opinions of everyone else.
  2. It's a personal thing, but you've already proven the point in your own experience; it doesn't matter what he thinks. Wear the gear, and buy some earplugs too so you don't have to listen to him.

    Oh, and buy him a packet of band-aids he can use when he comes off in his cut-off jacket and T-Shirt :LOL:
  3. Earplugs hhhmmm never thought of that , must go shopping lol
  4. Ride in what makes you feel safe and tell your mate to get a real bike ;)
  5. Wear the gear, in the contest of road vs skin road always wins.
  6. Definately get ear plugs, makes a world of difference to your riding.

    As for gear, well I wear it all the time....recently I've taken a bit of skin off the top of both my feet from a non-related MC incident, very small grazings like you'ld get from falling off a skateboard :p

    But everytime I get out of the shower, man can I feel it as the worn away skin areas get wet and soggy then dry, equate that to large areas of your body? No thanks!
  7. If your surname is Norris you won't need gear :)

    If its not though i'd definitely not worry bout what others say. I came off my mountain bike and that put me a month outta work with an open wound on my right forearm the length of my hand and a 10c piece window outta my palm.....oh the pain!

    When you ride look down at the tarmac for a second and imagine yourself hitting that and sliding without the gear......instant human crayon!
  8. Is that a fact? Considering how much protective gear costs, it would certainly be cheaper to change your name by the deed poll...
  9. Harley riders aren't the best people to get safety advice from.

    Maiming and dismembering advice, that's another story :p
  10. Don't listen to him. Always wear your gear AND make sure you get ear plugs, i value my hearing!
  11. LOL :LOL: Tru,

    :idea: :idea:

    but then again, how many harley riders U seen gone down?
    They tend to ride safer than sport bike riders..
  12. Not if U got a decent quality helmet..

    I hear shit in mine, but then again it may be bc I'm f*cked in
    one ear :LOL:


    :p :p
  13. funny i ride without earplugs and really i dont notice it
    i just have my thoughts on the roads and i dont really notice the sounds
    and my ears are fine.....i think :p :p :p
    i going to sue apple for damaging my hearing
    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    hey kishy where u got those little pics from??
    they crack me up
  14. Must be a nice mate if he laughs at you for wearing your gear :? :? :?

    Anywayz, I won't set a foot out the door unless I have all my gear on (and even more so now since coming down in December).

    You're doing the right thing cos you don't wanna get hurt.

  15. me and my mate had this converstion today and both agreed its not worth not wearing the gear.

    think about it this way say you both come off at the same speed and so on. whos the one thats gonna have a nicely scratched up harley and nicely scratched up body?
  16. Now that you mention it, plenty.

    You reckon? To my mind, it's about line-ball. For every sportsbike rider pushing their luck and the laws of physics in the twisties and carving up traffic, there's a moneyed born-again bimbling along with barely enough skill to keep his Electra Glide upright or an archetypal Harley-dude glaring at traffic and expecting it to get out of his way...
  17. Yeah well as for Harley riders being safer riders , we had an argument about gear again , he say's if he was riding in traffic every day ( like me ) he'd wear gear but because he goes out west with his "mates" he doesn't have to worry about cars so the risk is less :0 . He also informed me that if there wasn't a law saying you had to wear a helmet he wouldn't ?? The reason for this great idea ....if I come off without a helmet on I'm not gonna live to care !! and I reply and when your laying there with half your face missing 1 hour from the nearest hospital are you gonna feel tough then ?? BTW he's hasn't come off yet ..........YET .......sounds mean but I can't wait till he does , nothing serious just enough to scare some sense into him .
  18. i've said it before and i'll say it again, anyone that thinks they dont need a helmet, is probably right :p
  19. Hehe natural selection :grin: I love this theory, I just wish governments would stop legislating against it, too many people are peeing in the shallow end of the gene pool.
  20. My thoughts exactly!!