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give me some pointers tip etc. please!! [Update - I PASSED!]

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by kyro_02, Mar 9, 2007.

  1. Hi, I booked in my bike L's for the 17th of this month ... in a week !! at Stay Up Right, hoppers crossing

    They said the book isn't the same as the test, but based on the same thing mainly worded differently?

    I am doing the 2 days course, Sat. & Sun. $270
    if anyone can give me the does and dont's (they'll probably tell me) but i need to set my mind and need to know what its like so i can try prepare myself :p

    in the mean time, i'm going to keep practicing my clutch and throttle work to make it a bit smoother, n maybe find a paddock to learn gears, I know they'll teach me but i'm a bit paranoid that if i do not try learn it'll be harder(of course) and more likely to fail the ride.

  2. L has lot ofslow manouver. if you can pass 10m line in > 10s your pass :grin:
  3. dw you be fine. anyone can pass the L test drunk so you should be ok.
  4. Dont stress about it too much. I read the book twice before sitting the written test and hadn't been on a bike for 20 years before i did my L's last november.

    It is a lot of slow speed riding (they dont like you getting out of 2nd gear), cornering, staying in the box, emergency braking and stopping in the box.

    All pretty stuff really. Relax and enjoy the day.
  5. I did my "L's" last December and passed with hardly any motorbike experience.
    The day is heaps of fun and the butterflys in the tummy will leave once you start the training.
    Just listen to the instructor, think positive and have fun.
  6. mate, i passed my L's and P's with only riding a bike on those two days...
    The P's i just scraped in but the point stands its not that hard..

    All the BEST!
  7. thanks dudes !!

    will post back here on the 18th
  8. isn't it 18M in 10 seconds or more :) ???
  9. Yes, the slow riding is ride the 18mtr box in 10 seconds or more.
  10. thanks , i have been already looking and playing with those animations for a while now lol. that is why i asked its 18M not 10M .. all the tests are the same in all riding schools anyways.
  11. hm it wasn't feel like 18m. but if the manual said 18, then it is 18 :grin:
  12. Dont stress about it. Id never riden a bike before and passed my L's in a breeze. Just read the book and familarize yourself with it. The Q's on the test will be slightly different but you'll know what they are referring to when you read then. The practical is easy. If you are doing the whole two day thing you'll get enough practice during the day before the test. Take up what the instructor says and have fun. Its all slow stuff. Best of luck!!
  13. My 2cents: On the emergency stop, get to indicated speed but not much more than that! I did mine at 40-45km and hour as I was throttle hungry at the time and only just landed on the pass line. 25-30 is alot easier! :LOL:
  14. I beg to differ, I failed the L's test the first time :oops:

    When I had to do the the slow ride, I was going too slow and had to put my foot down to stop me dropping the bike.
  15. scottie, did you do the 12 hr course (2 days) ? or did the 1 day one, where they don't teach you
  16. 1 Day at Ridetek.
    I found Pete, the instructor at Ridetek to be very good though, he had me come in the next day and work on the things I was struggling with and redo the test.
  17. One person failed their L's at HART Tulla when i was there. They went too fast in the slow ride.
  18. on the bikes they adjust the idle so the speed is right you just hang on.
    i did my Ls on a scooter and its a lot harder