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Gisborne / Mt Macedon / Woodend - Sunday 22/07

Discussion in 'VIC' started by I'm Simon, Jul 20, 2007.

  1. I am heading out for a leisurely sight-seeing type ride on Sunday.

    I will be at the Westside Tavern in Laverton (Melway 53 F4) at 9:30 for a 10am Departure.

    Will be heading up the Highway to the Hoppers Crossing / Werribee exit (207 C2) and then basically through Werribee & Wyndhamvale to the Werribee / Bacchus Marsh Rd through to Bacchus Marsh. Can stop at the Apco Servo next to Macca's in Bacchus Marsh if anyone wants to join from there.

    Bacchus Marsh to Gisborne via the BM / Gisborne Rd, not very twisty but a nice scenic route. Will stop in Gisborne for coffee / smoko / :blah: , not sure of what coffee shops there are in Gisborne, but I am sure we will find one.

    From Gisborne head up the Calder for a couple of clicks before turning off and heading up Mt Macedon, the run up to Mt Macedon is fun but can also be a little treacherous, particularly in light of recent weather, caution is suggested. Cameron Drive, the final leg of the run to the lookout at the top of the mountain is narrow, tight and twisty, there is some debris still on the road (leaves, bark, mud etc) from this weeks weather and this morning there was still patches of snow along the side of the road. Caution is recommended.

    Stop for a walk, chat, smoko at the top of the mountain before heading back down the other side of the mountain and head into Woodend. The road is very tight and twisty with a couple of 10kmh hairpins thrown in :shock: , I suggest sticking to posted advisory speed limits and watch for any debris left on the road. If you ride well within your limits and experience this is a fun road to ride.

    Basically the ride will end with a coffee, someting to eat etc either at the bakery or coffee shop in Woodend. People are free to make their own way back. I will probably head to Daylesford and then ride back via Daylesford / Ballan Rd and then down Glenmore Rd (always fun) and then back to Werribee via BM / Werribee Rd.
  2. What time at Bacchus?
  3. Taking a stab at it I would guess around 10:45, can stop for fuel etc and go again at 11.
  4. Sweet, see you then! :grin:
  5. If anyone wants to meet at the Todd Rd / Westgate servo prior to Laverton let me know, otherwise will just see you at the tavern Simon
  6. Seeya there Sarz, ride safe :)
  7. All right I've dug out the long johns, I'll be be comin on this one.

    Think I might honor your invitation there Sarz. What say 9:15?
  8. Garou and myself will be joining you for this - he'll be at the Taverner, I'll see you in Bacchus Marsh.
  9. Nice thick layer of ice covering Bacchus this morning...
  10. See you all at Bacchus.
  11. well, I must have ^*)!ed off some deity this week. Bike won't start (I'm not much of a mechanic, but when the bike won't turn over and the digital clock resets each time I press the starter - thinking battery), so I will be unable to join you all.

    Hope the ride goes well
  12. ahhh that sucks Steve, twas a good ride. Thanks for the ride today everyone, I had a blast apart from the bike playing up a bit.

    Hope everyone got home alright, Sarz, hope you aren't too sore tomorrow following your incident.
  13. Lots of fun. Thanks for organising that one Hopper, twas good to ride around some foreign territory for a change. It was a good day in the end despite the freshness. Thanks everybody else, good to meet you all.

    And Sarz I must admit that was pretty comical even though I didn't see any of it. Good luck cleaning the rest of the dirt out of the engine :LOL:
  14. What incident please explain!! :eek:
  15. Bit sore but all good. We were spewing last night that we didn't get any photos! :LOL:

    And would you believe the bike's fine? That FJ's a tank...