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Girls only P&O Cruise and Accom enquiry

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Flipper, Jun 8, 2009.

  1. A group of girls (7 of us) from the forums have decided we would like a bit of a break and have booked ourselves onto a P & O Cruise for some madness over 8 nights. (yes it's the 1 that had the swine flu on it but that's irrelevant)
    So the 7 of us are all from Melbourne and our cruise is in early December. Some are happy to get a 6:45am flight from Melbourne to Sydney on the morning of the cruise but the majority of us are gonna fly to Sydney on the day prior to the cruise. Can anyone suggest cheap places for 4 or 5 girls to stay on a Tuesday night?
    I also know that Bob and Nadeen have been on the Princess Dawn and we have gotten a couple of tips from Bob but has anyone else been on it? And have you got any tips?
    We may even head over to the Sydney coffee night if it's still going.
    Can't wait!! :beer: :dance: :bannanabutt: :smileysex: :butt:

  2. Star City, Casino hotel. is really nice, not as expensive as Crown - and they do couple bedroom apartments as well. Plus foods OK there, or you can wonder over to Darling Harbour - ten minutes walk away for a dozen great bars/restaurants

    But no shortage, and Wotif/Last Minute is your friend. Sure you might save by staying out of town, but then got to get into the City to get your boat.....
  3. do a search on www.wotif.com.au around the rocks, circular quay or even darling harbour on the date your staying, plenty of cheap places around
  4. I would love to be the Official Photographer on this trip.

    Perhaps the Official Pornographer.
  5. Oh we will be taking plenty of pics on the trip Rog :p thanx for the offer tho lol
    Thanx for the accom tips. We are after something pretty cheap tho, even a backpackers, basically all we want for the night is a bed. Don't need the bells and whistles cause we will be getting that on the boat :wink:
  6. Grace Hotel corner of King and York Streets in the city is pretty good value and a very quiet safe hotel, if that is what you are after.

    The Novotel Rockford Darling Harbour (down the Chinatown end) has a good restaurant and bar attached to it - called the Pumphouse. It's fairly reasonably priced and not a bad place to stay.

    Also, if the ship is leaving from the Overseas Passenger Terminal, then you might want to look at the Holiday Inn Old Sydney which is down in The Rocks just about across the road from the terminal. I've never stayed here so I have no idea what it's like.
  7. you might want to check where it is actually leaving from, I got on the Pacific Sky a couple years back and it actually left from the wharfs down on hickson rd near sussex st, not the overseas terminal at the rocks. It might help you pick a hotel closer if thats what you are after.
  8. Flipp !!
    Do I organise a Sydney greeting get-together ???
    Make sure you have those piggy tails ! :eek:
  9. Yup, tuesday meet still alive and kicking, should come along and say hulla if you're around.
  10. Not sure where it is leaving from Rob but would be easy enough to find out.
    Micky, I'm relying on you to do that!! :LOL:
    Wanna find a place to stay that is handy to the boat and to Sydney coffee night. :wink:
  11. Okay, leave it with me !

    And who are the girlies with you ?? Don't tell me its McFuzzz and Alli ! :LOL:
  12. The girls are Firefling, Alli and 1 of her mates, Chubz (Rhea), Scrambles (Shannon), Realm (Faye) and moi :grin:
  13. Make sure you got the name of the ship right!! :p . Was it the Pacific Dawn that had the flu outbreak on it??

    I have been on the Dawn Princess and it's a nice ship!! :wink:
  14. That's the 1. We prefer Princess to Pacific tho. Kinda what we will be for 8 nights :wink:
    Quarantined on a luxury ship? OMG!!! HOW AWFUL!!!!! :LOL: :LOL:
  15. Be very careful with this topic cos i know its a touchy subject to some :idea:
  16. Well they don't have to read it do they. I'm excited and I know there are another 6 girls excited too so stop trying to rain on our parade :p :LOL:
  17. You want cheap? Look for the backpacker hostels Deb [​IMG]

    Jolly Swagman Hostel in Kings Cross.

    From $19.75 a night or $9.85 each if you want to sleep head-to-toe [​IMG]
  18. ..my heart bleeds!!! *LOL* Hope you all have a great time!! :p