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girls in cars with short skirts,i love riding bikes lol

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Guest, Dec 13, 2005.

  1. i was recently busted by a cute girl looking at her in her car,she had a realy short skirt on and left nothing to the imagination.question(am i wrong to look lmao) :p

  2. I think you would have to have very good self control not to look.
  3. as long as your both not moving i can't see the harm :)
  4. Yeah, its not fun checking out chicks and not realising that you are drifting towards the other lane :(
  5. And if u follow her it is not stalking it is Selective riding.
  6. Tinted visors are your friend at traffic lights.


    For the glare.

    From the sun.

    And, stuff.
  7. pics for proof!!! hahaha

    nice work.. im gunna have to get me a tinted visor i think hahaha.
  8. i need a helmet cam then i could get some pics but that would be on the verge of perversion and im not like that lmfao
  9. Not at the start anyway :wink:
  10. voyer=Helmet cam

    Call it P-plater chicks gone wild

  11. lmfao.. skirt hunter maybe

    skirts from bikes???

    helmet cam.. not just for high speed runs any more..
  12. Did you get her number?
  13. BWHAHAHAHAH IM so gettin a helmet cam it is all clear why I need a helmet cam.
  14. i am so glad that i have now bought this to your attention and that we all know now how to misuse a helmet cam for evil instead of good lol
  15. Thank you, You have opend my eyes.
  16. How busted were you?
    Did she look upset, or did she smile?

    In answer to your question though...
    Hell no. It's only natural to have a perve when you can. The continuation of the species depends on it! :LOL:
  17. well trepidation if can open only one persons eyes on this matter then my life has meaning lol
  18. bogus you are a true man, women wearing short skirts in cars showing all should expect to be perved on by dirty men like us lmfao
  19. you have made the motorcycle community a better place. LMAO
  20. well trepidation i have atleast made them more aware of chiks in cars just remeber to look up lol