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Girls eat your heart out.

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by N1GH7-R1D3R, Jul 19, 2007.

  1. http://tinyurl.com/35j36m

    Why would someone do this to a bike??

  2. It's Safety Pink.
  3. Gross.... What a waste!
  4. Some girl might like it, or a guy....
  5. god.... i haven seen that much pink since er... oh.... :oops:

    sunburns a b!tch.
  6. I dont mind it... Wouldnt ride it everyday, but dont mind it. :oops:
  7. I'll buy it for your birthday :wink:
  8. Thats the same colour scooter Jace sometimes rides. Especially Anzac day rides to the Spur. :LOL:
  9. Can I open my eyes yet? :LOL: At least it's not hot pink. Oh, and she's just got boring black gloves? No dedication, I tells ya... :wink:
  10. Yeah

    Oh yeah, I'd ride it. Not so sure about the gear though. Great conversation starter.
    Actually I think it'd be kinda cool.
    (i'm a girl fyi - not that that should make a difference really)
  11. I would ride it! I don't like all the stars that much but other than that it is pretty cool!

    Would prefer one in purple. But Pink is cool...
  12. It's just the wrong shade of pink... :LOL:
  13. Look, you've got to give her credit......

    she is selling the damn thing!!!!! :p
    (Maybe she should drop the price a few grand though!)
  14. Wouldn't feel to safe as a bloke riding it, think I'd have to give myself an uppercut!
  15. It's actually a dealer sale, so there's not really any "she"....looked up their website. They specialise in custom paint.

    It's still scary though, but I'll agree with pinkxie that at least it's not hot pink.
  16. Does it need to be brighter or just more pink?
    I know your a fan of pink! And ninjas!
  17. It's gotta be HOT pink... :LOL:

    It is the same model as mine... it's been around for a while...

    But I don't think... and this may come as a shock to some of you... I don't really want an ALL pink bike... just some pink accents here and there :grin:
  18. Well I am shocked.

    You want just a few pink bits eh?
  19. :LOL: yeah... But I refrained from phrasing it quite like that!
  20. Mrs vossy loves it.
    All I got after that, was that I should respray my bike the same colour.
    Then she might think about going pillion on my bike.
    Well looks like my bike stays a single seater just that bit longer.