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Girls Boots for more Height

Discussion in 'Boots' started by Caz no 2, Sep 11, 2012.

  1. For any girls looking for motorcycle boots that look a little more feminine, try the Icon Hella Boots, very comfy and great looking too. There are also Icon Bombshell boots which go higher up the leg, but I think they may have discontinued these.

    Harley also used to make some but are hard to find anymore, they are the Harley Laura Boot and have just found Harley Serena from the US that I have just purchased, so REALLY hope they fit.
  2. Heather has a pair of Alpinestar boots, Fully moulded ones, Very comfortable,
    She had the local bootmaker stick 3/4 inch on the bottom of them, Now she can put her feet flat on the ground,

    More info on them, You will have to ask her,
  3. Doesn't look like they'd have much support for the ankle/leg as they're short.

    I wear short boots only b/c I can't get a long boot to fit. If I had a choice, it would be a long boot every time.
  4. How about these?
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  5. Ive got Harley Brake Lights boots. They have extra height soles and have lasted me for over 5 years of solid riding, I would definately get another pair but I think these will last a lifetime anyway.

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  6. They look pretty heavy.
    What are they like after wearing them for a day?
  7. I've worn them in well, and have done plenty of walking in them, they are definately heavy but comfy.
  8. My gf has Daytona boots, they are raised 6cm in the heel
  9. I've been looking at a new set of boots. I was interested in these 1st off: (the brown Adventure boots) - was looking for something without a zip as my SIDI's zipper-puller-thingo came off both boots really early on in the piece ,which was a pain....

    The Adventures also have quite a built-up heel & sole.....and no zips!!.... yyaaaaayyyyyyyyyy!!

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  10. ....I actually ended up with a set of these:

    (Still no zips!!......)

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  11. Those are what I will be upgrading to
  12. I know, that's where I saw them :D
    I am also going to buy the Honiton spanner socket set he stocks
  13. ...I could spend a LOT of $'s on that site!!..... :LOL:
  14. I added up everything I wanted from there to go do long trips and I think it came to over 3 grand
  15. ...Yep!!...... :rofl:
  16. Think it would be a real problem riding in heels like that. :)

    The reason I like the wedge boots is that you don't have the space between the heel and the ball of your foot to get stuck on a peg, so the shoe is trying to make your foot go where IT wants, not where I want. (small feet so need them a little forward to reach brake and clutch)
  17. How do they go with the typically more narrow female foot shape?


  18. Pfft, obviously you haven't seen my feet. D width. Buying shoes is a nightmare.
  19. I find everything is always D! I have a B foot and nothing fits.