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girlie w/ indicator problems!

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by nooneuknow, Jul 5, 2005.

  1. Ok jokes aside :)
    I ride a 96 ZZR250 and Im riding home this afternoon and realise that my left indicator (that was working fine) isnt working.
    Get home, check the right - its sweet. Turns off ok. Check the left, makes this 'zzzzzzzz-ing' sound - electric.
    So i take off the seat and find this little black box thing w/ two pin (well, actually more "__" shaped holes in "L" formation.
    The sound is coming from here.
    As you can probably tell, im not mechanically minded. I think it might be a fuse or something? What do I need to do / ask for at a bike place. I can get the box out and replace it if i need to, not a problem, but dont know if thats what i need or what its called.
    Any tech help would be HUGELY APPRECIATED! :)

    BTW, I love riding! thank you to everyone for making me feel so welcome - i love the head nod acknowledgement thing...so makes my day! :)
  2. Sounds like a bad connection if it continues to make a noise as opposed to complete disconnection: no noise at all.
    Perhaps you should take the whole bike to the shop or autoelectrician. Worst case scenario use your left hand to indicate a turn. Old school. :wink:
  3. If it was a blown fuse you probably wouldn't hear any electrical noise.
  4. My guess its a electrical short .

    first thing you do is check the blinker bulb. and the contact the bulb as it might have vibrated loose.
    check and clean terminals in casing and bulb .
    somethimes a light sand with some fine sand paper helps to , also check the pin on the side of the bulb , if its snapped off it wont sit in the housing properly .

    the short is most likely in your blinker switch and the box you are talking about is a ? flasher cam or relay

    dismantle the switch , clean all the terminals , make sure the arm has good contact when engaged , put back together and try again .

    if not swith , try flasher cam

    thats my one constructive post for this finanical year and i am going back to posting crap now :LOL:
  5. A potential method for finding a loose wire would be to don a set of preferably rubber gloves (to insulate from electrical shocK) and trace the wire from the indicator back towards your black box and hence the battery.
    I once discovered a loosening of a bullet type connector by employing this procedure. Mind you, I didn't have a buzzing noise at the time, only a non-operational indicator.

  6. oh i forgot ..............
    if you need a flasher , we can help out there too :LOL:
  7. Before going to a bike shop, if the fasher unit has numbers on it, try your local auto parts place,, Works out a damn site cheaper than bike shops, if you can find one that matches voltage/amps/plug
  8. If both your bulbs are fine your indicator is grounding itself somewhere. And if it's buzzing that tends to indicate your flasher unit is okay aswell, that's actually the noise of your unit going beserk, because there is no resistance.
    I've had the same problem with my left indicator the bulbs were both fine but it did the same buzzing noise. Since your indicators are molded onto the frame maybe one of your fairings is loose and wobbling the connection grounding the indicator

    I had to take off my indicator. A bolt on the back locks it on (in my case) and there is a wire with semi circle washer type connection if that connection is touching metal somewhere other than the metal part of your indicator it will ground out and make that buzz noise. I just got some anti-conductive washers and stopped the wire from touching the front fairing frame.

    With your molded indicators you will probably have get the fairings off. and check the connections. If you take it somewher it isn't a big job so make sure you don't get ripped off. Id say over 50 bux and your bein jacked. sheeet make that 20
  9. hey :)
    thanks for the quick response!!!
    I did take out the box, unplugged it, then plugged it in again. same thing...
    will probly take it somewhere to get checked.
    Was hoping it was a quick easy thing :)
    ah well!
  10. The problem is in the intriguingly named "flasher can" They are very cheap to replace, no doubt deriving that characteristic from the saying "flash in the pan"
  11. do you have a multimeter?

    if you're in melbourne, I can tell you exactly whats wrong
  12. I'd be interested to know when you find out.
  13. The little black box thing is the flasher can if the right hand indicator is working it will not be a fault with that. The buzzing sound you hear when turning on the left indicators is the same flasher can trying to work. This is most likely caused by a lack of current load on the power circuit. The greater the globe wattage load on a flasher can the slower it will cycle if you have no load at all it will not flash, that is the buzzing sound you can hear. I would first check the indicator globes and then all the connections.If you can find the wire connectors for the left side and if you have a length of wire test the indicators buy running a wire from the connector directly to the battery. That will tell you the globes and the earth of the left indicators are ok or not.
  14. You have a fried relay.

    Remove, take it to Autobarn/repco and say "here, gimmie one of these suckers"
  15. Mission Accomplished

    Hey guys,
    Well, just letting you know - I checked my local parts place for the 'black box ' (flasher relay) and the guy said he didnt have one w/ that voltage, but that he'd hunt one down if i wanted.
    I said 'nah' and headed to the bike shop and said i think i needed a new relay (Thank you all for the right words!!) :)
    Anyway, he grabbed me the part and i was able to whack it in right away cos (conveniently) one of the faring plugs is a bit loose so u can pull it back :)
    Plugged it in - works perfectly! :)
    Much appreciated. only cost $12! :)
  16. this post reminds me of an article I saw in the telegraph yesterday. They had a woman and a man stand on the side of the road with their bonnets on their car up 9 people helped the woman only 3 helped the man haha.
  17. Re: Mission Accomplished

    Thank you for letting us know how you went.
    I've learnt something too. Didn't know about flasher relays.
  18. Ah the power of Netrider, problems solved, marriages rescued, counselling for free, as Homer said of Donuts "Is there anything they can't do!"
  19. Yes, its marvellous. :D :D :D
  20. I'm just waiting for the "Girlie with headlight problems" post now, and see how long THAT stays on-topic.