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Girlfriends Motorbike Licence?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by jjman, Jul 23, 2011.

  1. Hi guys,

    Josh here just thought I would ask for some advice. In the next month or so I will be going with a few mates to get our licence. I asked my girlfriend the other night would she be keen to come along and get hers because I love the idea of going for rides with her for something to do on the weekends. Problem is that she is not very confident with things like that..that are new to her and she does not think she would be able to get the gears right ect.... I don’t have a bike myself yet which is a shame otherwise i could start teaching her the concepts.
    Would love some advice / reassurance that I could give her she is a small girl about 50kgs and I think the idea of jumping on a bike is quite overwhelming for her.

    P.S. Very new to netrider but loving every second of it.

    Thanks loads,

  2. So you got your learners with no bike? Now going for your license again with no bike? So how do you expect to able to ride [without a bike]??
    And you want your girlfriend to risk herself [without a bike]??
    Or have I misread something here?
  3. Don't push, obviously - if she lets you cajole her into going and then stacks it at the course, whose fault do you think it's all going to be? And what chance her ever even getting on the back with you?
    Better to let her see how much fun you're all having, and let her decide for herself...
    And once you've got your bike, a little foreplay out in the street (aka a "riding lesson") might tempt her further...
  4. Don't push her

    If this is how she feels then her safety should be of the upmost - not your notion of riding together.

    Now then
    Welcome to Netrider (y) It is a fantastic resource which we all benefit from though the knowledge shared by excellent people/riders.

    To get back on track....

    If your Girlfriend isn't excited by the idea of learning to ride then you should leave it be. Let this be your thing that you get to enjoy by yourself.

    Not everyone wants to ride or is a rider - that's okay (actually I like it better this way, it makes more riders take it seriously and respect what they're doing)

    The point is - if your girlfriend has no interest in riding or is innately scared by it she will be dangerous and a liability to you when you ride.
  5. What and ruin a chance for you to escape:-s
    then you gotta ride to her pace else she'll sook PASS... HAHAHAH!
  6. my wife started on a scooter. here in vic its the same licence as a bike. I'd encourage her to do it anyway, so she can understand a bit what you're doing when you disappear for hours.
  7. This is right no bike yet, will be doing the Q-ride 3 days course which caters all levels from the experienced rider to absolute beginner. Would like to test ride the bike before i purchase it being very tall, so only being on learners makes this hard for me to do.
  8. Ha yeah man i know what you mean. just thought it would be a good way 2 try something different doing the 3 day q-ride course for her. Never the less at the end of the day i was never going to push her or anything like that just thought I would ask the question.
  9. Quite overwhelming with how much information / knowledge this site has and the people who post on it are very very helpful. I read here every night and don’t even have a bike yet.
  10. Follow NK's advice. It is spot on!
    Once you know what you're doing, pillion her a couple of times. Just short bits. Either she won't be able to stop smiling, or she'll not like it.

    then let warm up to it. If the bug bites, she'll be full on. If it does'nt, make sure she realizes that you really do want to get into it properly, as you will be out riding a fair bit. Look for any pending changes in yr relationship, as the bike can quickly become the enemy to her, because you're out riding and not with her. Read between the lines! :)
  11. don't push her, if she doesn't want to get it then she doesn't want to get it, don't try and make her.
  12. Yea good advice that.. she is the one that should want to do it .

    Remember it's your dream not her's
  13. show her a sachs madass

    or similar bike that appeals to her,
    easier if she finds something "cute" and easy that she can see as an advantage
    she can always upgrade if she wants power

    i am trying to talk my mum into getting one, my thinking is if mums riding, then the old man is more likely to get another bike. but mostly i think she would enjoy it, and find it easier - especially short trips and not worrying about parking (plus it uses less fuel then her monaro, and nimble like her previous z3 that she misses....... i think she is a rev-head in denial)
  14. +1 for not pushing but remember, the bike will be akin to a mistress in her eyes if she doesn't ride:p The money and time spend on the bike could be a source of angst for her (why aren't you spending the money on me?) if you're not careful.
  15. Thanks guys,

    Yeah yeah i was never going to push her! thats for sure i just know we had loads of fun crusing around on scooters in thailand and bali so yeah that was my thoughts. anyway all good.

  16. If she had fun riding in Thailand, she'll enjoy it here. The scooter might be an idea - if she's ridden one before, it won't be as scary.

    I was scared when I started. It took some time for me to work up the courage to ride anywhere but around my local streets. Eventually two people I trusted took me on a ride to Frankston, and I haven't looked back.

    BTW, I learned about the gears by watching Google videos. No one in my close family rode bikes, so I had no idea. Watching those videos was like, "Wow, THAT'S how it works". Like a lightbulb moment. I had the same reaction with countersteering.

    Pillion may or may not help. It'll be awhile before you can pillion her - there's restrictions first, then you need to be a good enough rider to do it, plus she has to trust you.
  17. Ha yeah my old boy has a scooter 2 cruise up the shops to get bread on when he doesn’t wanna look for a park. Ill see how she likes riding that but it's a 200cc so will have to only ride around the back streets before she gets her licence.
  18. Sorry, wasn't sure what this meant. Are you saying it's a bit small?
  19. I was in the same boat, my GF and I went to get our licence together and she was very nervous about the whole thing. When doing the RTA L training she almost dropped the bike twice and wanted to quit. So the teacher there moved her onto a scooter and she loves it, she got a Bug Espresso 125cc and had that for almost 2 years, she now rides a X9 500cc Piaggio and will be joining me for long rides this summer. With the extra storage in her scooter she can carry my extras :)
  20. mate i just want to make one thing very clear, DON'T PUSH HER!!!