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Girlfriend doesnt want me to buy roadbike

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by synrgy, Apr 18, 2007.

  1. My girlfriend doesnt want me to buy a road bike :mad:

    She says when i do i can find a new girlfriend.

    Should i find a new girlfriend or find a new hobby ? Leanning towards the 2nd :LOL: :LOL:

    Help a brother out guys!
  2. Psh thats an easy one....

    "Most" Chicks love bikes so just find one who likes you and your hobby, the current one obviously doesnt like you enough to leave over that
  3. Ya probably will :rofl:
  4. New G/F (or two). :cool:
  5. Here we go again :roll:

    Mate, if she can't accept who and what you are.. you need to have a good think. Work out some compromises or talk to her about it.

    In the end it's your choice....if you want a bike..get one... My wife wasn't to keen either.... no she can't wait till i can get a bike big enough to take us both on trips :)
  6. HAHA i like the support!

    Actually thinking back i think she meant that when i get a bike and fall off and die she will need to find a new boyfriend.
  7. mate i was in the same situation...

    still got my bike though... GF loves it now... hahhahah

    i reckon just go for it.. girls are all talk man,.. :biker: :soapbox:
  8. My wife gave me the same ultimatum.....Gee I really miss her!! :LOL: :LOL:

    Only you can decided what is best for you, but you should sit down with her, listen to her arguments against the bike then reassure her all the positive points about riding.

    Here's point 1 for you:

    1. It means I can finally get away from you so I dont have to keep listening to your bl@@dy nagging.
  9. Well im getting a bike anyway, i know she aint leaving.

    I actually told her last night, i didnt ask her. She will have to just accept. She is kind of worried.

    Her older brother rides, and shes worried about him too.

    But its what i want to and what i am GOING to do.
  10. If she's worried...do something to ease her mind...... Wear lots of safety gear and do some riding courses. At least then she'll see you serious about your own safety....not to mention the addad riding skills you will get in the process.
  11. You see you need to use a technicality here...
    Problem: Cant get a ROAD bike
    Solution: Get a Super Motard
  12. My fiance was pretty upset when I decided to get the bike. Part of it was the events leading up to it (I booked my L's 3 months ahead, but was in a car accident about 3 days before the course - drunk rear-ended me). She's gone from active hatred of the bike to passive dislike.

    Thankfully she knows how much riding means to me now, and she accepts it. I DO know that if I ever have an accident the pain from the injuries will be NOTHING compared to the hell she'll put me through after I get out of hospital though! :p
  13. Just advice for when you do start riding:
    if she's unsure anout you riding, she probably doesn't want to hear all the cool stories about the near misses etc you'll have.

    To you they're great stories about how you dealt with a situation. To her they'll just be one more time that damn bike nearly got you killed.
  14. Go the bike.

    Just smack her over the head with a 10 pound lump hammer whenever you go for a ride, she'll never know :wink: .
  15. This is the next step ill be taking :LOL:
  16. Ditch the biatch!!!

    If she really cares about you, she'll accept you for who you are...a bike rider. If she can't accept you riding a bike, if I was you, I'd also start riding some other chick
  17. Sound advice, but since she knows (in her own mind) that these things happen all time, you'll have to balance this a little - if you never tell her these things, she'll start to assume you're not telling her everything, and it spirals out of control quickly.

    I find these days that if I go on a group ride then she's happier than if I'm just commuting to work. You may find the same thing.

    But its been said before - chances are she'll soon be bugging you to get on the back and go for a ride. Pre-empt this once you've been riding for a while - arrange for a VERY experienced rider to take her as pillion, if she'll go. Then, at least, she has some basis for her feelings about you riding.
  18. Oh please help me.
    My VFR800 dosen't want me to have a girl friend :(
    My VFR says that if i have a girl friend i'll ignore her (my VFR).

    Oh what to do :?
  19. Yeah, my VFR was uptight like that. Dumped her and got a Triumph...
    TRI, meaning "three".... geddit? :p
  20. and the "umph" is for???? :twisted: