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Girl masturbates herself to death

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by brownyy, Jul 9, 2010.

  1. News Link.

    Classy title ey?

  2. Re: Girl fuks herself to death

    Well clearly she wasnt fit and well.

    Either that or it was some damn good p0rn.
  3. Re: Girl fuks herself to death

    She probably was watching good p0rn then goatse popped up and it scared her into a cardiac arrest.
  4. Re: Girl fuks herself to death

    3D p0rn accident? At least she didn't fall preggers...
  5. Re: Girl fuks herself to death

    she probably slipped while climaxing with the rope around her neck.
    so easy to do. happens to me all the time.
  6. Re: Girl fuks herself to death

    Anyone want to NSFW that last one?
  7. Re: Girl fuks herself to death

    Oh damn, not even a paper bag could fix a face like that.
  8. Re: Girl fuks herself to death

  9. must have been one hell of a session lol
  10. lol who changed the title? Not as effective now... :LOL:
  11. The Pathologist didn't mention that her vibrator was the size of an Akrapovic MUFfler and that the city's light flickered on/off every time she used it.....
  12. i think ive seen the vid where someone uses one like that...
  13. i would of tapped it
  14. Mmmm. I thought is just made you go blind.
  15. One of the better ways to go out, I guess. But not exactly a great way to be remembered how you died.

    I wonder what the funeral was like.
  16. Silly Blonde, probably choked by swallowing all the shattered teeth from the vibrator. They should come with instructions for some women :-s
  17. F**k me dead.
  18. And her tombstone : 'DEATH BY BOOMBA'... poor girl :)