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Girl looking for first bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Josi, Jul 12, 2008.

  1. Hi everyone, I'm just new at this but found the forums I read very usefull so far. I thought I'd ask advice for my first bike (second hand).
    I'm 58kg 5'5
    I thought about a VTR250 because I think I will be keen to keep it for long time + I really like the look and know it has very good reviews. But it seems I have hard time to find what I want: Black over 2004 and under $5500.
    My neighnour has a CBR250 red for sale for $2000 . I don't really like the style but the price is attractive and I know she looked after it.
    I'm afraid to get a cheaper bike that I will only look forward to get rid of as soon as I get it...
    I'm afraid other 250's then the VTR250 wouln't be powerfull enough???

    What do you reckon???
  2. Once you get your full license, those 600's will start looking mighty pretty, and you'll be selling ur 250 pretty quick!

    However all that time on your L's and P's will seem like an eternity if you are feeling like ur putting along.

    The VTR is an awesome bike, but they are expensive because they are popular! There are other bikes that are good too... the Spada (very similar to the VTR, but older) or a ZZR250.

    I am sure others will suggests others too!

    Welcome to the Road!!
  3. Nice bike! I don't mind the blue... I'm in Albury/Wodonga...
  4. If youre not fixed on the VTR, have you considered a Suzuki Across? They're meant to be small and light, easy to handle etc.
  5. ring him quick..
  6. I'm pretty keen with Honda.. I know it's not only about the look but I still prefer the look of Hondas ;P
  8. yep,honda's are the best girls bike for sure... :LOL: :LOL: :p :p
  9. I agree GXSR...

    Here is some info on the Spada (VT250) here

    Just be careful some people apparently (having looked at bikes sales and trading post) don't know the difference between the Spada (VT250) and the VT250 Custom (VT250C) which is a cruiser.
  10. a girl i know has a spada and she loves it..
  11. Thank you so much guys ! I just found a forum about the spada too and it sound pretty perfect for me. I didn't realise it was the VTR250's familly !!
    EXACTLY what I wanted, with good price !
    And thanks for the info too! I already started shopping for it :)
  12. aww shux, your welcome..
    good luck with getting your new bike josi.keep us posted on how it goes.
  13. can definitely recommend the VTR for first bike - I started on an 04 VTR and they're excellent to learn on - very user friendly in the handling/braking departments and top (Honda) quality. You should be able to get one with around 10,000 k's for around $5500 (thats what I sold my black one for a month ago and it was 11,000 k's with RWC/Reg)

    how about this one - it's black and has done half the K's that the blue one has:

  14. hank scorpio,thats one of my favorite episodes.
    classic... :LOL:
  15. hehe..yeh, was a good episode - back when I had a dodgy beard I was told a few times by Simpsons fans that I really had an uncanny likeness to Hank - not sure if that was a compliment or not...I swear I have no plans for world domination...
  16. lol
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  17. Thanks Hank! it is indeed an interesting bike. A bit far for me thow.
    Does the 2004 model has the tacho? I know it's not necessary but but I'd like one for my first bike.
  18. yep, 2003 onwards VTR's have the tacho and also revised(better) rear suspension
  19. Hi Josi,

    I'm a girl who has been riding for about a year now. I just got off my L's cos was slack about going for my Ps test - I don't recommend that. Anyway I learnt on a VTR250 and loved it! Great bike!! If you get one I'm sure you won't be disappointed. However, I've just upgraded to a CB400 (thanks to LAMS) and it's in another league in terms of power and smoothness. It's also got a fuel gauge and clock, not to mention being fuel-injected so you don't need to mess around with a choke. It's way more expensive, of course, especially since they're new to Australia so there's no older models available second-hand. But it might be worth considering if you're able to spend a little more at the start for a bike that you probably won't need to upgrade from...

    Good luck :)