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Girl Friend 21 prezy help

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by heregoes, Apr 29, 2006.

  1. I completely forgot that it is the girl friends 21 on Thursday! No i have no idea what to get her! I am looking at spending around the $100 mark and i could really use so good ideas?

  2. sorry man,

    i'm really hopeless at thinking of gifts :(
    But if you get stuck, just take her out for a feed. Some place really nice that you wouldnt normally go to. Dress up and make it special. Get her some flowers and give them to her when you pick her up/when you get home, then treat her like a princess.

    i always say, you'll both remember the experience more than a gift.

    good luck bud.
  3. if she's materialistic get her a pair of earrings or a bracelet from zamels - real gold and cheap zirconias chicks love em hehe
    or you can do something she'd never expect and make up a picnic basket bottle of wine and some garden chairs and take her to the botanical gardens for a romantic dinner
    oooo and give her a card with a poem in it chicks really dig that sorta sensitive thing :p
  4. get her a cook book, some new kitchen utensils, some dishwashing deteregent, a new broom, mop, vacuum cleaner and some washing powder and tell the biatch to get back to work :deal: :grin:
  5. while you might get some good suggestions on here the best gifts are the ones based on the person as only you know them. ie a GPS navman for someone who is hopeless with directions (bit out of your price range but it's an example.)

    as far as generic gift ideas are concerned go the lingerie option, the gift that gives back to the giver :grin:
  6. Jewelery chicks luurrvve Jewelery, just make sure you get something small and expensive not big and cheap. :) a set of earrings perhaps?
  7. When it doubt for a girl/woman/lady Swarovski. it sparkles, and that seems to always bring a smile to there face.
  8. pop on down to sexyland and get ur missus some nice kinky gifts :grin: apparently the nurses uniform is a big hit with the gals :LOL: some sexy laungerie would be awesome too :wink: and throw a pair of handcuffs in while ur at it :p
  9. A workmate of mine is going to London to live for 2 years. He ALWAYS get's lost and is hopeless with direction. One time we were told to pick up 5 computers from the eastern wall of an office. When we got there he couldn't for the life of him figure it out.

    Anyhow we got him a small gift for going away......a compass and the King of all road maps for (the UK and Scotland) :rofl:

    He thought it was hilarious and is going to stick the road map on his wall and put a pin into all the places he visits.
  10. take her shopping. "lets go to bras and things, you pick what you want and ill pay" Its like a gift voucher but you get to perve on her more.
    do something she likes. pony ride? :LOL:

    duffman is pretty much right on the mark though. Just take her out some where. Shell love it, unless she is a materialistic biatch in which case get her jewlery.
  11. Ask her best friend/sister/mum they should know of something that she really wants :)
  12. Buy her a pamper pack voucher.
    A facial or a massage always goes down well. :grin:
  13. i agree with eswen here
    get some sexy outfits.... then both will benefit lol
  14. Ok, ok, gimmie her address and I'll go "fix" her up.

    It will be the best present she's ever had :LOL:
  15. Pole dancing lessons :grin:
  16. I am absolutely certain there will be multiple offers of private lessons from Netrider members for far less than $100 :grin:
  17. give eswen the 100 buck and she will pole dance for your girlfreind...
    think of all the chocolate u can get eswen :shock: :shock:
  18. How about some Ballroom lessons?
    Seems to have been the flavour of late.
  19. the picnic idea is good. It gets them everytime :) only problem is if its raining or cold, then might not be so nice.

    Personally, if i'm going to get some jewlery, i dont want to get crappy stuff, so i tend to steer clear of it alltogether unless i've got coin to spend.

    Its a 21st so you should do something that shows you've put in some effort.

    I'm seeing picnic basket + wine + her fav food + strawberry's dipped in chocolate + blanket + nice grassy spot next to a river or in a park.

    But whatever you do, steer clear of Vic's offer......*shudder*