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Girl buried alive

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Tweetster, Feb 9, 2010.

  1. Prosecutors in Turkey are seeking life in jail for a father and grandfather accused of burying a girl alive for befriending boys, judicial sources say.

    The pair were arrested after Medine Memi's body was found by police in a sitting position with her hands tied, in a two-metre hole dug under a chicken pen outside her home in Turkey.

    A post mortem revealed the girl had a significant amount of soil in her lungs and stomach, meaning that she was buried alive, forensic experts said.

    The girl was discovered in Kahta town, in the south-eastern province of Adiyaman, 40 days after she went missing.

    The girl's father Ayhan Memi, 40, and grandfather Fethi Memi, 65, have refused to talk to investigators and prosecutors since their arrest in early December in the Kurdish town.

    Source here:

    goes on to say:

    So-called honour killings - when a family member is called on to kill a female relative considered to have sullied their honour - claim many victims every year despite attempts by the government and associations to halt them.


    It doesn't actually state what "befriending" entailed, but surely doesn't deserve the awful barbaric act.
  2. and people have the nerve to complain about our society's values, morals and prejudices
  3. That is sickening though doesn't happen all across Turkey but rather in the South Eastern areas where the majority of the population is of Kurdish & Assyrian heritage.
  4. The revolting values, morals and prejudices of some f*cknuckles in a small province in Turkey shouldn't be used to justify us lowering our own standards.
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  6. That's taking liberties and you know it. I've been through Kahta and the Kurdish population present but not dominant in that region. The article doesn't ascribe the crime to one or other ethnic group and neither should you.
  7. And London...


    I wonder what links these???
  8. That may seem like that to you because there are lot of tourists in Kahta visiting Mt Nemrut otherwise but South eastern Turkey predominantly is populated with Turks of Kurdish origins. Some of them seem to not want to fall under Turkish republic and have been in a continual war killing innocent villagers, workers and soldiers.

    I have friends that are Kurdish and have nothing against them but the reality is the reality. The article doesn't ascribe the crime to a particular ethnic group but with a surname like Memi I can't see them being anything else. What's important is the culprits have been caught and apprehended and let's hope they get what they deserve.

    By the way this is where they buried her:

  9. Lol, subtle.
  10. Yes because the turks consider them Assyrians and Kurds as third class people not fit for education.
  11. :angel: hmmmmm i wonder
  12. Have you ever thought that it's the other way around and they don't consider themselves as Turks. The south east of Turkey is a demographically complicated area and the Turkish government doesn't want to interfere in the internal workings of the Kurds & Assyrians amongst each other so long as they are law abiding citizens.

    The education system is there for all people who are Turkish citizens to take advantage of and if a sub minority doesn't attend it how can that be Turkey's fault?
  13. So what constitutes a Turkish citizen?
    The original Greeks did not consider themselves Turkish for 3000 years until about 500 years ago when they were made to do so and even then 2 million of them were forcibly removed from their ancestral lands and forcibly relocated to modern Greece in 1922, my family included. Modern Greece was a foreign land to them as apart from the language and religion they were considered outcasts.
    To this day the majority of Greeks call Istanbul the occupied city and the number of pogoms over the last 200 years, the most recent being 1955 was testament to how Turkish "citizens" were treated.
    Last time I comment on this topic as I have a few very close Turkish friends and they mean a lot to me and I would trust them with my life.
  14. Whoever holds a Turkish citizenship is classified as a Turkish citizen just like an Aussie citizen.
    I think you mix the Ottomans (Turks) with the old Romans/Byzantines (Greeks) whom when they conquered new lands forcibly made people change their religions and speak the Romans/Byzantines languages.
    Never in history have the Ottomans forced inhabitants on newly conquered lands to become Muslims or speak Ottoman instead they were presented with 2 options:
    1) Continue the way you are but pay a small tax to the govt
    2) Become a Muslim and pay no tax

    Whereas when Romans/Byzantines conquered new lands you either a) became like them or b) if you didn't you died.

    What you refer to in 1922 stemmed from events that also happened in Greece at the same time in the way that the Greeks were treating the Turks bad.

    Even as recent as 2004 olympics the Greeks were opposing in building a mosque for Muslim athletes until the IOC pressured them enough to do so, once they built the mosque they realised that it was right under the pathway of incoming planes and didn't want the people on board planes to see the mosque so they demolished it and rebuilt it far away from the eye. This tells me that the Greeks still don't like Muslims and will not accomodate for them unless they have to. Let me tell you that my best mate thru my uni years was a Greek and still currently have many Greek friends and have nothing against them. If you go to Turkey you will see many functioning churches/synagogues and all religions can practice their faiths in relative peace.

    The Greeks were never made to become Turkish. Where did you learn this from?

    If you still think Turks are bad just look at Cyprus. The Turkish north side wants the island unified but the Greek south side opposes it.
  15. Remsen you can live in your version of history.
    I prefer to live in reality.
    The Greeks that lived in Anatolia were there before the Romans.
    Byzantium was a name made up by the French in the 19th century we called ourselves Romai which is Greek for Roman, but not Latin. We were known as the Eastern Roman Empire which is why some Turks call Greek Romios instead of "Yunani"
    You are mixing up your history.
    Please do not insult my intelligence.
    We are from Anatolia (a greek word by the way) from time immemorial.
    We never wanted to become ottoman subjects or be forcibly converted to islam or have our children stolen from us, or have pogoms against us or have our places of worship desecrated or our most famous cathedral converted to a mosque and now a museum or be forcibly removed from our homeland but we were and it happened, that is undeniable.
    I could go on.
    As for Cyprus only Turkey recognises the North against what the whole world and the UN's wishes and if I recall the Island of Cyprus's original inhabitants happened to be Greek not Turkish, that is a fairly recent phenomenon of the last 400-500 years ago, in fact all the Anatolian peninsula was up until 500-600 years ago.
    Will you also deny the Armenian and Pontic Greek massacres?
    I'm not gonna turn this into a Turkish bashing post but learn true history not what the Turkish government has wanted you to learn.
    At least my Turkish friends acknowledge a lot of their history and the wrongs they have done to the original inhabitants just as I have acknowledged how the mainland Greeks also did unspeakable atrocities to the Turkish people during the 1919-1923 wars.
    Lets agree to live and let live and enjoy what we have today but also to respect our cultures as we are more alike than we think.
  16. I never intended to insult your intelligence and if I have done so in any way didn't mean to.

    I agree with some of your remarks and disagree with others but like you mention and I too am well aware that we have much more in common than meets the eye.

    The ottomans were the most recent worldwide power house and nothing could stop their advance apart from destiny as when Osman pasa saw a dream that he will be blessed with an empire that will span over 3 continents and last over 600 years that is exactly what happened no more no less.
  17. ahhhhh your all wanna be Serbs, ver iz my moni faaaken
  18. At the expense of a culture that despite many setbacks has survived and influenced the western world
    But cheers I'm glad we have a lot in common, despite the Serbs :p
  19. The Ottomans never had an agenda to quash minority groups within the empire and encouraged different groups to live life the way they saw fit. There are only 11 million Greeks in Greece and if the culture/religion is still there this shows that the Ottomans were a tolerant bunch in allowing the population to get on with their lives as they pleased. They never forced people to change religions etc.
  20. Like I said, spoken through the eyes of the victors not the vanquished.
    If you know the History of Greece then progress in Greece was set back 400 years as opposed to the rest of Europe.
    Feeding a dog scraps will keep it alive but it will not flourish.
    11 million Greeks now but there were over 20 million before the Ottoman invasions.