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Girl (almost?) busted

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by undii, Jan 13, 2006.

  1. haha, that is pretty funny. If you watch the Dad you see him look at her, notice what she is doing, freak, and then pretend to stare out the window as he walks by, LOL.
  2. Smooth recovery......

    The show must go on....
  3. This is hilarious.. Imagine the guy/gal at the other end watching this.... must have had an orgi in excitement :LOL: \:D/
  4. Now that is friggen funny.
  5. dad + sense of humor = teh win.
  6. Nice tits :grin:

    ...She looks like she is about to spew when she realised her dad was there. :LOL:
  7. Haha thats pretty funny :p
  8. Now that's funny (message too short)
  9. oh.....I read that as *ahem*. Well, as one of the forums members getting busted. :oops:
  10. I can imagine what the response afterwards would be....

    Girl: "Hey where'd you go? No need for you to run away, it's my dad and he's here not there...."

    Otherend: (camera image) Guy gets up off the floor and wipes the tears of laughter from his face, picks up the desk chair..... "Ahem yeah, nice boobs babe!!!"

  11. Hahaha...daddy must be so proud.
  12. what would be worse is if daddy walked in a went

    "holy chit!!! i knew i recognised them!! "
  13. Its no suprise that his daughter grew up a showing her tits to people over the internet. What more would you expect from someone who supports manchester united.

    (Look at dads football top)
  14. Not as bad as being busted having a wank by your mum ... we should start a poll on that one :LOL:
  15. Make it "busted by a parent" instead of "busted by your mum" and the poll would go up by at least 1 affirmative vote :p

  16. Well since you have gone out on a limb (pardon the third leg pun) I will now confess to having been busted by both my mum and my sister :LOL:
  17. No need to excuse the third leg pun, I get that one all the time :p :LOL:.

    Busted by your mum AND your sister eh, sounds like a lock would have been a good investment :)

  18. yeah yeah, ok ladiesman8 :p

    As for the lock, sister busted me in the back yard (early teens as I recall, wasn't known for my judgement in those days) so only thing that could have saved me was a romulan cloaking device :twisted:

    BTW, is this thread beyond the bounds of good taste? ... I never can tell lol

    Edit: P.S Now you know why I only ever live on my own or with a gf

  19. On the forum for a couple of weeks and already giving away all of my secrets...

    LOL, whacking off in the backyard, classy mate, classy ;)

    Probably, but most of us are consenting adults at least :p