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Girl, 8, injured in piano-wire prank

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Kamikaze_Kawasaki, Feb 11, 2008.

  1. http://www.theage.com.au/articles/2008/02/11/1202578642487.html

    Watch out folks, they are some pretty f@(ked up people out there.

    Accompanying video - Piano wire trap set for motorcyclists could have killed, police tell 3AW radio host Neil Mitchell.

  2. The officer talks about it like the motorcyclists deserved it, but unfortunately it got an "innocent" victim. :?
  3. Some people realy deserve to have the head kicked in.
  4. this is really scary!

    all it takes is for some bored school kids to string up some wire across a road, at head height, during school holidays and one of us is gone!

    fcuking idiots!
  5. Well here, they gott'em

  6. i hope they find the mother farker that did it.
  7. Why call it a "prank"? It's not a prank, it's a deliberate attempt to cause someone serious harm. :evil:
  8. So the best thing is for a child to discover this kind of trap because they don't have the mass to = enough force to kill themselves on the wire... just get really seriously injured. How horrible.

    I hope whoever put it up just feels like the smallest piece of shit in the world... and then dies in prison.
  9. Wow. Decapitated, that is very rough! There is some sick fukwits in this world. :evil:
  10. this is insane

    just last night some alleged friends of mine were going on about how they think stringing piano wire to kill motorcyclists is a great idea and they're thinking of doing it.

    me & the other half were saying 'um...have you forgotten we ride??'

    they said 'nope haven't forgotten, maybe this will teach you to think next time you want to split in traffic'
  11. i agree this is really bad
    but at the same time you talk as if they are "one of us" they are breaking the law. no they shouldent be killed for it and it is sad that other people are getting hurt. the point is
    why arent the police cracking down on illigal riders and why are parents letting kids ride monkey bikes.
    the girl in the story wasent riding one but illegal riders realy get me going when they ride near my house. get a licence
  12. cause some people (like the dickheads mentioned in my previous post) will move this from the dirt track to the road.
  13. To which you replied:

    "Well if you want to listen, I'll explain why that's incredibly ignorant. But either way, I'm going to file a statement about this with the police tomorrow, so if any wires DO go up around here; they'll come to ask you all their questions first."

  14. no
    I asked them to get the fcuk out of my house.
  15. Now, I will admit its a tempting idea with this little twerp that rides his monkey bike at 5am every freaking morning near my place, but would never do it, ill just keep pestering the police until they do something about it.

    Its so sad someone would do something like that.
  16. A similar incident to this actually happened to my partner Mick. He was riding home to Boronia at 3am on high st rd, just before Burwood hwy there was "something" strung across the road. He felt as though someone was tring to pull him off the bike. Luckily he stayed upright but had cuts through his dri rider across his shoulders. Lucky for him it wasnt 2 inches higher...it would of caused some serious damage, maybe taken his head of. Although it probably wasn't piano wire and probably twine or fishing wire, theses still can cause some damage at 60+klm an hour. He reported it to the cops but what can they do? No newspaper report either because they worry this will bring out copy cays.
  17. I cant believe the world in which we live in, where people are prepared to kill someone they dont know, for what reason? They are obviously targeting motorbikes. Edgelett, i would definately be telling the police, this sort of talk is sick, and if not a joke, needs addressing. I know some bikers do the wrong thing and piss people off, and the media hypes it all up, but is it seriously worth taking a life?? :shock:
  18. Although setting a man trap is kind of illegal perhaps the Police should go after the riders who are obviously causing people to do this sort of thing to as well as nail the idiot who did the wire tricks hide to a wall somewhere.
  19. I call it ATTEMPTED MURDER.