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Girl’s motorcycle gear

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Kellie, Sep 15, 2006.

  1. I’m looking at buying a motorcycle jacket. I like the look of the Joe Rocket Alter Ego Ladies Textile Jacket. I think it’s around $500. I was also looking at getting a pair of Joe Rocket Ballistic 5.0 Gloves.

    Because I’ve never bought any motorcycle stuff before, I was just wondering if anyone has any advice on what I should get, especially the WA members, any advice on where to go for a good price.

    Thank you.
  2. Can't help with the choosing Kellie, some of the Netrider-ettes may be able to though. As to where to buy, Total Motorcycle Accessories or Helmet House, (both are in Vic Park), are probably your best bet, with a good range and competitive prices, or Pal & Panther in North Perth.
  3. you may also want to try any of the dealers, most will carry stock although price seems on the high end. from time to time they do have specials on and you can get very good stuff at reasonable price.
  4. Thanks, I'll have a look around when I get my Ls and start my lesson's.
  5. Womes leather jackets look hott!

    They are shaped to make the boobies stand out so people don't just assume you are a guy.


    Its eye candy for the rest of us :)

    You'll get more waves ;)
  6. Kellie, I have nothing to substantiate it, but I think the Joe Rocket gear isn't the best.

    This opinion is based on other US made stuff I have bought and used over the years. Their ideal of quality is different to ours.

    I have looked at their products, though not in detail and saw nothing to change my mind on this.

    Take it with a grain of salt, though.

    Also, having just writtin off a relatively good textile jacket and gloves in a relatively minor fall, I'm not a big fan of textile projective gear at the moment.

    Give leather a serious look.
  7. HI kellie, I can't really help, but as a fellow female noobie rider in WA thought I would say hello. I have just been through trying to find women's stuff, and it wasn't too easy. I bought my jacket and gloves from the local kawasaki dealer where I got my bike. The dealers tend to do you a discount once you have bought your bike from them. I couldn't find any women's boots to fit - they had about 2 pairs of women's in stock, only 1 of which was in my size, and when i tried them on, I couldn't get them zipped up round my fat calves! As we were leaving, the assistant did find another pair tucked away somewhere that happened to be my size, end of stock so I got them for $65. They are Moto-dry make and velcro instead of zips, so I could actually do them up. But after wearing them a few times, the rubber sole is starting to come away from the bottom of one of them and needs glueing up again :( .

    Gloves were tricky too as I have very small hands. Found a pair of Alpine Stars that were their men's smallest size (I didn't like the women's ones they had in, very limited stock, all too bulky for me at the moment), bought them but still ever so slightly too long on the fingers for me really.

    Jackets - again limited stock, so ended up getting a man's short dri-rider jacket. Lovely jacket (cost about $270 with a discount), fits most places, but realised when I got home that the arms are too long, and hence the shoulder protection sits somewhere down near my elbows (slight exaggeration there, but you get the idea).

    So learn from my experiences, shop around and get something that actually fits :) I want a pair of Draggin cargoes but the ones that fit me round the waist are far too long and would need taking up (not my thing at all) so have put off buying them, and am riding around in normal jeans at the moment.

    I didn't try the places in Vic Park already mentioned (wish I had though!)
  8. Theres some quality womens gear around if you search. You'd have to contact them from their websites and ask dor their stockists.

    Eswen raves about a particular brand of kevlar fashion jeans.

    I'd say in WA there are fewer choices tho.
    Persevere and you will be rewarded.
  9. Apparently theres going to be a lot more stuff coming out in the next few years. I was talking to a shop assistant at my local dealer and he guestimated that around 30% of there customers are chicks. So its something to look foward to. Theres a brand called icon who do awsome stuff for chicks but they arnt really in australia. Very big in the usa though. Have a look on ebay.
  10. Ixon (french) have bought out a new range of leather womens wear - some of it not yet available here & you have to get your head around the sizing (their 4 is about our 8 ... i think!). I have their all weather textile suit & absolutely swear by it. :)

    Joe Rocket make some good womens gear - both leather & textile. Altho' I am very disappointed in their latest range - very fashionable rather than practical. Ontop of that they have stopped making the straight racing pants (the blaster range) ....... which I sort of needed for next week :(

    If you of 'average' size & shape you won't have any problems getting the right fit. If you're not ........ might have to do the tailored to fit way.

    Good luck with the bargin hunting. Oh, by the way - you start out with 1 of everything, then it slowly builds up to 1 winter, 1 summer, 1 inbetween of everything :wink:
  11. m2r are also bringing out ladies riding gear, I'm getting a jacket, will possibly report about it after I've used it.
  12. pants wise: get hornee baby :)
    jackets: im a fan on the ixons.
  13. I would strongly recommend against Joe Rocket gear. The quality of the Joe Rocket stuff I've owned has been appalling, and has not lived up to my expectations (or it's price).

    Look elsewhere.
  14. Ive heard a few women I ride with make glowing comments about their Tiger Angel jackets.. Check out their website www.tigerangel.com.au.

    Not the cheapest jackets around but are custom made to your measurements and last for years.. Great investment.
  15. Thanks to everyone for the help. It's good to get some advice from people who are willing to help. I appreciate it. I like the idea of the textile jacket still, anyone know of any other brands which stock textile jackets? [one's that are a bit cheaper than $500 as well].
  16. Textile:
    Joe Rocket

    even stagg leathers are starting to make ladies gear..

    Sorry eswen, but I don't like Hornee, they're too low cut for my liking, whats the point of wearing them if you expose that much skin to the road?
  17. the point of them for me is that if I wernt wearing them, I would just be wearing normal jeans. something is better than nothing :)
  18. I was looking on the 'bikebiz' site. I just found a Ixon Cheek Ladies Textile Jacket $319.95. The black one looks good and is a lot cheaper than $500. Any advice on this jacket? Also the Ixon Idyllic Jacket $229.95, that's nice as well.
  19. I don't like Hornee jeans either.
    I have seen comparison tests on the kevlar with other jeans...the Hornee do not stack up.

    Maybe I'm biased since Draggin sponsored me in the scooterthon, but they had my money even before the sponsorship was offered.
    My biggest decision in the morning is what colour draggins will I wear today.