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Gippy coffee nights (again)

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Woodsy, Oct 22, 2006.

  1. Well, after riding and chatting with my harem (speeds words not mine. speed, crusingal, rosie) today we think it's time for a local coffee night (well as local as can be in gippy), may be once a month on a saturday arvo/evening. Venue could be changeable so no one is stuck riding miles and miles all the time.
    Doesent even have to be a coffee night i guess, may be a regularish netrider ride on a sunday would be the go?

    Any one interested??
  2. Well yes. Yes I am.
  3. Woodsy said:
    :rofl: Where does that leave Booga? :LOL:

    Great to meet up with Woodsy, cruisingal and speed today...definitely love to do it again......and also jumped for joy when I heard Dave's bike come zooming up my street. :grin:

    I'm in...cool with either a coffee night or the Sunday ride.

  4. As one of the Harem I wholeheartedly agree :roses:

    Sundays is usually reserved for ride days for me, so a regular ride would suit, but I am also up for a rotating coffee night :shock: eg. Leongatha, Traralgon, Packenham/Narre Warren - whichever suits the general concensus.

    PS: glad to know you got home safely Woodsy, and great to meet Rosie and Booga. Can't wait for Gippy ride next Sunday \:D/
  5. Sounds good.

    Make it arvos until weather improves a bit. Too bloody cold on way home.
  6. Awww Bwian don't be like that :wink:
  7. Yeah, was a wee bit chilly (actually, a lot) riding home today and according to Woodsy's bike, outside temp was 14c not taking in the wind chill factor, so by my reckoning it was minus 6 :LOL:
  8. Ok Booga can be my biatch :) Nah just kidding, was great to meet him, it's great that some one from Melb took the time to come and ride with us for a few hours.
  9. yes, interested, but like everything and everyone.......finding the time. So will attend when I can (if youre unlucky enuff)
    Good to meet more NRs today, was a gr8 day but bloody cold. Sooooo when n where will b the first coffee/ride/social/arvo/evening/thingy???
  10. Well, for Gippslanders, Yarragon Village is fairly central and there are some nice ways to get there other than the highway.

    Of course, there's also Mirboo North. I dunno what they have in the way of cafes up there. But being "hill" country, it's probably corn liquor or something like that....

    Then there's the Ulysses regular meet at the Traralgon Great Australian Icecreamery in the railway "precinct" next to the railway station. They meet around lunchtime or so on Saturdays. Or we could gatecrash and scare 'em away...

    As a shift worker and one who's not exactly wrapt in riding at night I'd be voting for an arvo coffee session, whether it be on a weekend or weekday. But that doesn't suit everyone, of course.
  11. I like the arvo idea too
  12. Sounds cool, I live in Rowville but work in the Gippy. Haven't been to a coffee night-afternoon-morining thingy yet.


  13. Maybe organise two different coffee night/s. One regular coffee night, and another regular coffee arvo ride?

    Maybe discuss this on the Gippy ride this weekend and set up the first coffee meet.

  14. yep sounds like a plan