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Gippy coffee night, anyone?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Doch, May 3, 2007.

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  1. Ok guys I'll do it then. Going by Tans welcome there seems to be a number of us Gippslandians keen on the idea of a semi regular coffee night.
    So therefore if I can get any Gippslandians, that might be interested, to register their town location on this thread then I'll try and find a place that is fairly central to the majority.

    So far from what I can ascertain the two most favoured times are Friday nights or Sunday.
  2. stolen from my other post

    has to be sat or sun for me otherwise i'll have to turn up in the cage strait from work.
  3. Sounds like a great idea!

    Sunday would be best for Trace and I. We're in Boolarra, which in distances is 40 km SW of Traralgon, and 40 km NE of Leongatha.
  4. Wasn't there a gippy coffee night already organised? :?

    If there wasn't i sure know there was a lot of talk about one at some point...
  5. Sundays for me and we wont get good coffee in Sale but thats a good reason for a ride somewhere else :grin:
  6. Sundays for us too, haven't tried the coffee in Rosedale.
    The Pub is just over the road though!
  7. I'm in Boolarra too
  8. I'm on Phillip Island but I s'pose I could travel to the mainland for a coffee with you lot. :wink:

    Honestly, I don't care where we have it..will just be happy to spend time with you all again. :)
  9. well Rosiekins you know that there is always room here to stay
  10. :LOL: sorry - just laughing at the last time I stayed at your place....helluva fun night that was! haha.

    Thanks speed - it's highly likely I'll take you up on that offer. :)
  11. Just caught up on this thread, thanks for setting it up wot the.

    Sundays are (mostly) good for me, I'd love to get out of the house occasionally :wink:
  12. As a shiftworker (power industry) I tend to work 3 out of 4 weekends, or parts thereof. So if I'm off and if I'm not shackled to the house doing rennos or whatever, if a coffee meet/run is organised I should be able to rock up.

    I wouldn't mind doing mid-week rides too.
  13. Mid-week rides...I'll be in on that Gramps. Until circumstances change anyway. :)
  14. Anytime suits me, as i work weird hours can't commit to any specific time.
    If i'm free will certainly be involved.
  15. Im in Churchill.. work odd hours and days but Sundays would be my best chance of some spare time for a coffee or two
  16. Hey speed, do you know if the new cafe in Boolarra has opened yet?

    I reckon that would be great meeting point, as the ride coming into here is always nice :)

    Maybe we could have a few meet points around Gippy, do a rotation so we can become regulars at each venue?
  17. I know I was supposed to be organising this originally :oops: , so you know that I will be there wherever it happens to be. :)
  18. Sorry Woodsy I didn't mean to steal your thunder :p, a rotational coffee sounds a good idea. So now begs the Q where and when?

    Anyone want to put there hand up to suggest where the best coffee and donuts are available in Gippsland?
    Then the rest of us can roll up, taste test and vote. You could say a biker version of wine and cheese tasting. :)
  19. Would anyone be up for a short notice one this weekend?

    Due to circumstances I didn't organise and plan a Baw Baw ride, and I really need to go for a ride at the moment.

    Forecast is for fog then sunny both Saturday and Sunday (20 + 22 deg).

    Depending on the interest will determine where we meet as we are all scattered far and wide.

    Baw Baw could be an option (brrrr) or open to offers. Post 'em up :)
  20. I wont be able to, I'll probably be doing the car hunting thing on Saturday and Mummys Day on Sunday.
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