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Gippsland Ride Videos

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by [FLUX], Dec 18, 2006.

  1. These are some videos from the Gippsland Ride yesterday. I make mention of whats in these vids in my Ride Report of the day. Use Quicktime 7 to view.

    Losing rear traction on the new road surface near Noojee [7secs, 0.7MB]

    Fortuitous Traffic Hazard Ahead Sign [13secs, 1.2MB]

    Sweepers near Thorpdale [1m02s, 5.8MB]

    Mirboo North to Boolarra [6m47s, 38.1MB]

    Sorry for the average video quality. I used the lowest quality settings on the camera to fit more footage onto the 2GB card (can hold 6hrs). Problem was though that the battery ran out after around 2hrs20mins, which is the length of time that the camera can fit on the 2GB card at medium quality anyway. Oh well, now I know.
  2. Hey, that's not too bad. What camera are you using?
  3. Camera is a Casio EX-S600, not to be confused with the EX-Z600. The Z-series doesn't have the extended movie modes of the S-series. It's now been superceded by the Casio EX-S770. I love it. It's a tiny thing: 90 x 59 x 16 mm, and ~160g with battery and SD card installed. Fits in a shirt pocket easy, and is small and light enough not to be obtrusive or a pain to carry around.

    As a digital camera for taking photographs, it's a half-way decent camera as far as point-n-click digital cameras go. It ain't no professional camera though, but it does give fairly faithful colour representations and good clarity, although can be a little grainy at the highest resolution. So not fantastic, but good.

    For movie mode though, it's great. I got sick of dealing with tapes, and being restricted to tape speeds when it came to transferring data from a camera. Hard disk cameras are still a little big too, and don't like vibrations, so I went solid state.

    With a 2GB card, this camera will hold 67 mins of footage at full quality (640x480x30fps), 128 mins at standard quality (640x480x30fps - but more grainy looking), and 6hrs with the long play setting (320x240x15fps).

    Here's a short clip at full video and sound quality. The focus is forced set to infinity as this prevents the auto-focus from flipping about. The drawback is that the instrument panel is then slightly out of focus, so don't take the instrument panel as an indication of the camera's ability to give a detailed picture quality when using the camera in point-n-shoot mode.

    Black Spur Boxes - Full Quality [1m07s 32.8MB]
  4. Full quality is great, sound is sweet too.

    I was thinking about getting one of those helmet cam things, like this.

    Not sure on it's quality though. might just have to mosey on into the city and check it out.
  5. What an absolute nutter that road hazard was. :roll: Backing into a driveway was he? On a bend, and didn't go straight back out of the way, or stop still, but swung his front end around, toward you. :shock:

    Amazing, but not surprising.
  6. Any of you guys see A Casual Affair tonight? They had a segment on hoon drivers and in particular those who video tape their antics.

    It finished with Grim Shaw saying, "if you have seen any videos like this can can drop us an email."

    Now, where's the link to ACA.....

  7. Good to see your tacho was sitting on about the same numbers as mine was. I was wondering if you guys had found an extra gear that i didnt know about!?
  8. LOL @ mjt57.

    Even if someone did, you reckon they'd be interested?

    No wheelies, no burnouts, no speed displayed, no top-end rev-range use. Someone clearly riding safely enough to avoid birds, cars backing across lanes of traffic on blind corners, potholes, sand strewn through corners and able to recover from a slide due to an unposted slippery new road surface covered in near invisible gravel at well below the posted speed limit.

    Wouldn't make for very good footage to pillory with. Then again this is ACA we're talking about where sensationalising the mundane is the status quo.

    I edit out the speedo purely because the videos aren't about showing off, but rather about showing the roads. Been riding and observing human behavior long enough to know that if people see some displayed speed through some corner then some will immediately see that as a challenge to attempt to exceed it. I have no desire to be party to such penile measuring contests. That sort of stuff belongs at the race-track.
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    WOW! Ghost rider, eat your heart out! :roll:

    Hopefully those guys will wrap 'em selves 'round a tree. (not a nice thing to wish on anyone, but hey...) :grin:
  11. That crap vid made it on ACA? Scraping the bottom of the barrel there. :roll:
  12. WTF the car was thinking doing a 3-point turn on a bend :shock: ... at commited lean I would have had hit it :evil:
  13. I know those roads well, having driven them many times, and ridden them a fair bit.
    Being a very rural area, the hazards are sometimes higher than riding in the city. I rode from Boolara Sth to Mirboo North, and onto Leongatha, and in that one ride, I hit a Magpie, a Rabbit, dodged a shitload of cows, slipped on gravel and took a large branch across the helmet.
    They are great roads, but the locals do take it for granted that they are infrequently travelled, and its not rare to come around the corner to find an object on the road, be it a cow, lots of cows, a tractor or a car.
    One section on Grand Ridge Road is very tree covered, and even at 11am, its as slippery as all crap, gets this tree litter on it, if you're not thinking about it before you hit it, its very easy to get all crossed up.
    My personal favorite though, its almost plowing into a sack of potatoes near Thorpedale....with a Jerri Can of Diesel strapped to Ventura Rack...kekeke
    In saying all this, god they are fun to ride, although, I usually do a run through first before coming back at any 'speed'.