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Gippsland, New to the forum.

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Leeds, Aug 28, 2011.

  1. Hello all,

    I just though I'd introduce myself, I've been riding for 10 years now but never got in to the forum bits, i've been living in Aus for 4 years now (From England originally if the username didn't give it away!) and figure it's time to get a track bike again, I'll be looking forward to many trips to Broadford, PI and wherever else might be recommended, I prefer technical rides to out and out speed, any fool can point and shoot but carrying that round corners is where it's at!

    Have a good'un!

  2. Whereabouts in Gippy are you from, Leeds?

    There are a few of us country hicks on here.

    These days, it just ain't worth the pain of "hooning". Besides, there are plenty of good roads where you can have fun without having to speed. For example, my trip computer tells me that the average speed from Bruthern to Omeo is around 80 km/h. Mt Hotham to Bright is less at around 70 kays. And at that sort of average speed I'm still having plenty of fun.
  3. Hello Leeds. Welcome to the antipodes, and to NR.

    There are plenty of good riding roads around Vic. Some are high speed roads and some are low. Some are speed traps and some less so. It pays to not give too much detail because all sorts of odd people read the forums. That includes serving police officers, and the strident minority (which can be worse.)

    Google maps has been very helpful to me.
  4. where abouts in gippsland are ya? im from down here and spend most of my time at the track so no doubt i will see you around the traps.
  5. welcome to NR.
  6. Hi and welcome to NR

  7. I'm somewhere between Warragul and Traralgon (not to be too specific!)
    I'm hopefully closing in on a track bike this week and will look forward to being at the track most weekends for the next 4-6 months(excluding those weekends where I'm patching up the off-shoot of my "ambitions outweighing my ability" to quote casey!)

    Where abouts are you jimmy?

    I'll look forward to (not literally) bumping in to a few of you at the track.
  8. i'm in sale. so a bit further down the highway.

    haha yeah i have a few things to fix up after my 'simoncelli moment' 2 weeks ago at the track. but thats the beauty of motards, just clean up a few things and its back to perfect.
  9. The track bike has landed! a 2002 R6.........I can't wait to get some laps in

    See those of you that track there!
  10. as you can see, lots of (Net)riders in the Gippland area

    welcome to the forums :)