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Gippsland Gyrate 2 29th/30th May

Discussion in 'VIC' started by cjvfr, May 13, 2010.

  1. Gippsland Gyrate 2

    Owing to work commitments the overnighter will be cancelled. We will still go out for a day ride on the Saturday as originally planned. I will try and organise an overnighter a bit later in the year. Sorry for the late notice.

    When : 29th May
    Where : Gippsland and places eastward.
    Level : 3
    Start Location: Mobil Service Station Cnr Stud Rd and Wellington rd Rowville
    Start Time: 9:00am for 9:30 departure.
    Route : Out through Noojee first and to be decided.

  2. Can't make this one,so lucky I did the first one
  3. Sorry to hear that Rocket, next time then :) Cheers
  4. I'm in for this , at least the day trip , and poss overnight.... see how I go.

  5. I'm a maybe and thinking of possibly camping at the grounds instead of the cabin option. Have stayed at this place before.
  6. Ok Jules, plenty of beds but I know its sometimes nice to have your own space to retreat to. Hope you can make it.
  7. I'm in for this, but most likely only the day ride. Crowey is still working weekends. ;-(
  8. This sounds like fun, any age/numbers limit!! :p

    Might con a mate into this if we're both free, we're both
    members & he keeps talking about doing an overnighter

  9. I'm out doing the motorcycle health check day instead.
  10. I'll be in for the overnighter. How's the money sorted for accommodation cjvfr? When do I need to get it to you or is it payed for when we get there?
  11. When we get there is fine for money. Good to have you along. :)
  12. Grumpy_Trumpy You can be as young or old as you like ;) We should be fine for numbers re beds. I have overbooked at the moment. We have more in for the day ride than the overnighter.

    Ok Ree, Sorry you can't make the overnighter but would be good to see you for the day ride.
  13. Hope the weather outlook improves !

  14. Overnight Cancelled Day Ride still On

    Hi guys bad news I have been dragged in to work on Sunday, and I have had a couple of others pull out because of work or family stuff. I am going to have to cancel the overnight trip, apologies for the late notice.

    We will try a reschedule of an overnighter later in the year.

    The day ride in still on and will leave as per the OP.
  15. family commitments this weekend make me a dirty piker. maybe next time.
  16. Well, I haven't 'officially' posted this news yet (waiting for some good pics) but on the 26th our daughter Heidi Grace appeared for the first time and so, family commitments mean that I am unable to commit to a day ride as well.
    Will catch up with youse all soon and will post some photos up in good time.

    Take care,

  17. Congratulations Cam, All the best to you and the family. :)
  18. Congrats on the arrival of your daughter CFVFR, =D>. Hope mum and bub are doing well.

    Shame it's not an overnighter but the day trip should more than make up for it.
  19. Congrats CFVFR - good luck getting in any day ride ANYTIME soon!! :p

    As for me, I can't make even the day ride, I'll be working this crummy saturday!! :(
  20. I'm sick as a dog , so unless i make a dramatic recovery , Im out.