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Gippsland Gyrate 1 (1st/2nd May)

Discussion in 'VIC' started by cjvfr, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. Gippsland Two Option Ride, Day or Overnight

    Date: 1st and 2nd May
    Class: Level 3/4 Ride
    Start Location: Mobil Service Station Cnr Stud Rd and Wellington rd Rowville
    Start Time: 9:00am for 9:30 departure.
    Route: Still under discussion, Currently

    This is a two option ride, you can come on a day ride into some of Gippsland's fine twisties and return the same day or stay overnight at Tarwin Lower and have a night of conviviality followed by a further day of fun on the open road. If you are interested in either option then post below. If you are interested in overnight then go to THIS LINK to reserve a bed for yourself. Costs for accommodation will be approximately $50.

    PS: Tried to post this to the calendar but it fails for some reason so this is the official thread.

  2. I am in for this one but will be heading for Bayles on Sunday morning to catch up with a few mates and then heading to the Toolshed for lunch.If any one coming on this ride likes old bikes then call into Bayles on Sunday you won't believe what is still about and comes out for this event.
  3. That sounds good Rocket, I'll see how I am traveling. Might be a small group for this trip, not a lot of nibbles so far but thats Ok, see you on the weekend.

  4. how many exactly Chris?
  5. Bruce and I :) so that's 2
  6. Should be in for Saturday "daytripper" :D, What about you Nanny?

  7. Got 5 for overnight at the moment Ree, a couple more for day trippers. Are you going to day trip with us or overnight?
  8. I'm a definite maybe for the Saturday ride. I may get called into work, which is in Leongatha so depending on where you are I might catch you up before I go home. Of course if I'm not called in I'm a certainty[​IMG]
  9. Looks like I may be a day tripper only, due to Crowey working and the stepfurkids needing their medication.

    What time we leaving George?
  10. add 2 more for the day trip.
  11. Another one for a day trip - I suppose I'll head back to Melbourne from Morwell.
  12. confirmation, I am a day tripper only. I'll check out the map and see what location i will meet you at.
    George, where are you? Are you still doing the day ride with Nanny?
  13. Ok, I've convinced myself to come along as a day-tripper... although most likely only be a half day for me.

    This will be my first NR event, and my first "big" ride.
    I'm definintely not a class 4 rider... but easily exceed class 3 - will try not to hold you guys back too much :p
  14. No worries TheRuss, glad to have you along.

    Ok Luke, good to have you along.

    Ree I will be on line later tonight so give me a yell on where you want to catch up.
  15. Anyone watching this thread leaving from the "wesside" and wanna meet up earlier?

    If I don't get any hits, I'll aim to be in Rowville at the servo at 9ish.
  16. Bruce and I are coming in from the west , maybe meet @ the westgate nth shell servo (inbound) at say 8ish ???

    And don't stress to much on the distance , my first real ride was a little over 300kms ...
    and that was with just 120 kms worth of back street / car park practice under my belt ..
  17. Chris: What time do you think you will make Korrumburra or Mirboo Nth?

    George: my mobile phone is jammed up? So I can't ring out or get any numbers out of it. However what if we leave around 10am?
  18. G'day Ree,

    10.00 sounds ok, where do want to meet, and where are we going.

  19. Done. Should take 40min form there to the start point, so about 8ish sounds good. You wanna do 8 or 8:15? I'm good with either.
  20. leave there bout 8.15 ish .. gives us heaps of time to get to Rowville ..