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Ginji's wet and wild ride

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ginji, Mar 8, 2008.

  1. (No, not that sort of wet and wild ride you dirty minded people :p)

    So anyway, setting the scene: family decides to go camping and we'll leave Friday night, get the camping, set up, all good. Rest of the family will be staying Sunday night/Monday, and as I have uni on Monday, I'll be leaving Sunday sometime, so I'll ride down. The route takes me through Kangaroo Valley, so no complaints there...

    So last night I gear up, wet weather gear and all because the weather doesn't look too promising but not too bad either and set off. I make it easily to Mittagong and top off my tank for the rest of the trip, and set off on my slightly damp, but still merry way.

    I make it to Kangaloon Road, turn off and head a bit down it and start seeing a bit of lightning here and there, nothing too bad to go with the now slightly heavy rain. I go off Kangaloon Road and onto Sheepwash Road and now it turns out to be slightly more interesting... It starts absolutely pelting down with rain, and my visor fogs up (and then my glasses too), so I pull over for a bit, let them defog and continue on for a couple of k's before it happens again, and I pull over again, wait again and then continue.

    Then this storm decides it doesn't like me and it starts to hail like it's a new ice age, so I pull over again, in minimal visibility and the bike sinks down in the mud on the shoulder, aw shit. So it's hailing, raining, windy as all hell and i'm stuck in the mud on the shoulder of a road that isn't that wide to begin with. Crap. (Well I said a lot more then that, in two different languages, but you get the point ;)) Deciding that this wasn't the best position to be in didn't take too long, so i start rocking the bike back and forward, giving it a bit of throttle and make my way out of the mud (It was still a goot 15cm deep or so...) without dropping the bike.

    By now the idea of going down into Kangaroo Valley and back out again appeals to me as much as rolling around in a pile of dog crap and then running through a rubbish dump to see how many flies I can attract. So I call it a night and decide to take the safer, straighter and easier road back home to a nice warm bed as opposed to a tent i still needed to set up. Stopped at the Woolworths service station in Bowral to let the rest of my family know that I was a. still alive after all that, and b. i was going the hell home. While I'm trying to do that, I get abused by the service station attendant for using my mobile phone in the forecourt area, never mind the fact that the pumps where off, and Woolworths on there on website say the dangers are from inattentiveness when filling up, and turning the things on and off, not by using them.

    I make it home, taking a detour via the local Thai place to get some food, and dry off, and have a nice warm bed.

    So how was your night? :p
  2. sounds like a interesting ride ginji, glad you got out A. alive B. without you bike buried in the mud on the side of the road :LOL:
  3. life would be so boring if we didn't ride ;)
  4. oh how i know i have been with out mine for 2 weeks it's killing me slowly
  5. ^^^ screw camping - 5 star, plush premo everything - why contend with the wilderness?
  6. You Poor bastard!
  7. Now see! There's where you went wrong!!

    You had a perfect opportunity to blame all your problems on this random service droid and release all your pent up stress by taking him out :wink:
  8. i'm far too much of a nice guy to do that, besides which, i still had to get home, and it wasn't worth the energy.