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Gingers do have souls

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by waedwe, Feb 23, 2012.

  2. South park responds

  3. notin too sea hear
  4. ...So do 'Ranga's have souls too??

  5. Apparently, only a ginger should call another ginger ginger...

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  6. Hmmmmm!

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  7. Kid needs to harden up...............or dye his hair.
  8. In deference to the fat, red-headed, soul less kid, I suppose we need to find a new name for the spice formally known as ginger.
  9. ...'Ranga!.......
  10. Yeah, that could work. What about "whinger"?:nopity:
  11. ...or.....

  12. I think the next vid you will see from that lad is a police interview after he has gone postal with a gun in his school...
  13. He's certainly got a healthy dose of pent up anger. He seems like as well as the ginger hair he's probably also aspie, and consequently has trouble understanding the nuances of social situations. eg. why you shouldn't post stuff like that on youtube. Might also be why he finds himself being picked on as an easy target. Shame for the kid. I sincerely hope he doesn't do anything (else) he might regret.
  14. Won't work, red hair is just part of the whole ginger. They can still be sotted by hideous amounts of freckles and burning after 3 seconds in the sun.
  15. hahahahahaha... brilliant!=D>=D>=D>=D>=D>
  16. This is by far, the worst part of being a ginger.
  17. i dont know i thought they were a sub species of leprocorn
  18. i'm a ginger
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  19. This is gonna get messy!