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Ginger, Mary Ann or Lovey? Who do you prefer now?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by 2up, Jul 15, 2009.

  1. Ginger

  2. Mary Ann

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  3. Lovey Howell

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  1. We were chatting about this on location today. Things got boring so the conv got around to old TV programs.
    Sure, we had our favourite when we were younger but who do you prefer now you're older and more mature?
    Ginger the hot starlet, Mary Ann the girl next door or Lovey the incredibly rich socialite??


  2. I'm not answering that question till you show me how they look NOW!!!
  3. Gilligan knows my answer :wink:


  4. I think Lovey Howell may have passed away...
  5. Yes, Lovey died (breast cancer), as did Thurston (pneumonia and Alzheimer's among others), the Skipper (thyroid cancer) and Gilligan (cancer and heart disease).

    Always was and always will be Mary Ann :p . BTW, that photo of her is pretty misleading. Here's another from the same time:

  6. Well, as they were back then, I would have volunteered to be the meat in a Ginger / Mary-Ann sandwich.
    But not now.