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ginger bear or Solo

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by ibast, Mar 23, 2010.


Name your poisen

Poll closed Apr 7, 2010.
  1. Ginger Bear

    27 vote(s)
  2. Solo

    14 vote(s)
  1. Now for the real poll

  2. Can't go past a good ginger bear! They can get a bit feisty sometimes though, and you have to watch out for furballs when trying to drink them! :p:grin:
  3. ..Go the Bears!!!.... 8-[
  4. I'll take some of that bear.
  5. if this some kind of new bundy :-s

    yep +1 bear
  6. And now here’s a new favourite – Ginger Bears!
    The flavour of Ginger beer in a gummy bear.
    Snack at your desk, enjoy in your car (ginger may have travel sickness easing benefits) or just snack when you need a change.
    Using genuine Australian Ginger, the refreshing BITE of Buderim Ginger Ginger Bears is a fat free way to wake up your tastebuds and an all natural fat free snack.

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  7. Are they related to drop bears?
  8. I love Bundaberg Ginger Beer. Used to drink some other brand of Ginger Beer, but can't remember what it was and they stopped selling it at Safeway.
  9. Spam?
  10. ohhhh, I'll have to keep my eye open for them bears next time I go shopping.

    i make my own ginger beer sometimes. '
    ya gotta be careful, i've had it explode in my linen press occassionally..lol
  11. hate hate hate hate hate ginger beer.
  12. Depends on mood. Like them pretty much equally, but perhaps solo just pips it. On a hot day, solo is pure gold. The rest of the time, ginger beer is great.
  13. I actually prefer brown bears, except on really c-c-c-cold days when I go for polar bears..
  14. Well, I for one cannot bear all this bear-all talk of Ginger Bears

    I'm a gonna bearger off now
  15. OK that was not intentional, so I am just an idiot.

    It does remind me of a kiwi mate who I gave some of my home brew. Next time I saw him he said "I really like that Bear" I'd forgotten about the home brew so was thinking "WTF" and said as much. His Australian wife had to translate for me.

    He thought I was taking the piss, but I genuinely had no idea he was talking about beer.
  16. +1.
    Couldn't pay me enough to drink it.
  17. Those ginger bears are terrible, I'd take solo over them, but Ginger Beer over Solo anyday.
  18. Ginger beer all the way, especially if its alcoholic.

    Stones ginger beer is the best.
  19. I brewed some Ginger Beer a few weeks back, alcoholic of course.

    Just waiting now for it to mature in the bottle. Looking forward to it!