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Gimoto Stripes 'On Measure' Suit Review

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Unconnected, Dec 17, 2011.

  1. Hey everyone,

    So some of you may have seen my thread a little while ago about getting custom leathers made, this is because i am quite thin and have quite long arms, meaning anything long enough in the arm is designed for someone much fatter.

    Anyway, in the end i decided to see Ozmotorcycleleathers about their Gimoto suits, Mostly because their suits i felt had nicer patterns and colour choices compared to the other brands, and also they had the advantage of being in Sydney.

    I settled on a Stripes suit, in standard coloration (black,white with Italian flag stripes on the arm. However the colours etc are all fully customisable if you wish. I had the suit made in a two piece configuration as well with a perforated chest area and the metal race sliders on shoulders, elbow and knee cap (with normal knee sliders as well of course).

    Anyhow,the review:

    First off, the quality of the leather and the stictching is pretty much faultless, as is the quality of the fit, when i am wearing my spine protector (Knox Contour) it feels perfectly race tight but still comfortable with good movement. When i am riding more casually, and not wearing the protector the jacket is a good amount looser, so i can wear it with jeans and be a bit more casual.

    The suit itself is great, the amour (Shoulder, elbow, knee, hip area, and knee/shin, with rib padding and, in two piece guise, soft padding around the waist over the zip, this is something i didnt expect but am thankful for because it perfectly protects the crest of my hip bone, which are very exposed bones for me.) The result of this is i feel like if i was to have a crash, the suit would really do a lot to protect me, i am very confident in its abilities to stop me breaking bones and losing skin.

    The riding comfort is great, because the suit is custom to measure, when i am sitting on my bike in a mild race position (i ride a naked bike) there is almost no bunching at the knee or anything like you often end up with when you buy a standard off the rack suit. I also like the touring cut of the suit, makes it so nice to just ride upright and also helps with off bike comfort levels.

    The suit has no pockets on the outside, just two internal pockets, which are very well placed, the other day i fogot i had my wallet and phone in the pockets and put the suit away with my stuff in it.

    Anyway to sum up, the entire experiance has been perfect, from the service i got from Irena & Ed at Ozmotorcycleleathers, and the quality and fitment of the actual Gimoto product. It was definatly worth the expense, which is not as bad as you might expect for something hand made to measure in italy, and the wait, which was not terrible (made easier by the constantly shit weather every weekend at least)

    Here is a picture i took off the gimoto website,http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/819/gimotoweb.jpg/
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  2. Thanks for the review, I'm in the market for a custom suit. I find that nothing off-the-rack ever fits. I'm 5'9" and a slight/medium build, but with wide shoulders and a big butt.

    How much was the suit ?
  3. Yea im the same, off the rack just doenst work, annoyed me a bit, i spent a year wanting a Dainese Laguna seca, but when i went to mcas to try it on it was so loose everywhere, i thought italians were ment to be slim ha.

    I paid about $1800 for my suit, was a few hundred extra for custom fitment, and $100 more (i think) for the race kit, which includes hard sliders on elbow, shoulder (metal and vented) and knee (separate from the knee down sliders).

    I feel its well worth it, custom fit is amazing its just perfect, like a second skin when im riding.
  4. Thank you very, very much. We really appreciate it :)