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Gimoto GP4 full gauntlet race gloves

Discussion in 'Gloves' at netrider.net.au started by Unconnected, Jul 8, 2012.

  1. Hey everybody,

    though i would do a review on the Gimoto GP4 gloves i picked up from irena from ozmotorcycleathers on friday. I bought them to replace my Alpinestars GP Pro gloves, which got stolen off my bike while i was at uni a few weeks ago.

    The gloves are a cow leather back of hand, with unlined kangaroo palm. They have carbon knuckles, carbon finger nails, lots of padding on the pinky finger side of the hand and back of hand and fingers as well as palm, finger bridge and a full gauntlet that is quite long and has foam protection for the wrist. The gloves also have the knox SPS sliders in the palm to protect the scaphoid bones, they allow the glove to slide on the tarmac rather than grab when you slam into it hands first.

    Anyway, had these gloves since friday, took them for a long twisty ride on saturday about 500km. First impressions:

    1. Kangaroo palm is amazing, my old gloves were very good gloves, but the kangaroo makes such a difference in feel, you seriously cant even feel the leather it just feels like your riding in bare hands.

    2. the gauntlet is a very good length, my old gloves had a stupidly designed gauntlet that was longer on the right hand side than on the left and let air up my sleeve, which is cold. These gloves have a long gauntlet, that is very securely held onto your wrist. it is made from a very flexible rubber type material and has a really nice feel.

    3. there is very good protection for the pinky finger and right hand side of the hand (for a right glove), this area is very exposed to damage as often its what ends up on the road, the whole area is covered in a textured aramidic fabric that is very abrasion resistant, as well as having a huge amount of padding and protection. The finger bridge is a definite plus, i once met a rider with only three fingers and a thumb, he lost his pinky due to it rolling under his palm and snapping off. So im sold on the finger bridge, and its a good feature to see.

    4.the palm has small extension panels sown into the fingers near the articulation points, this prevents the glove from bunching, and its very effective, a really nice feature. The palm also has a rubber overlay stitched on in very high wear areas.

    5. the knox sps system is also pretty good, i have confidence that it will work and can see how it would benefit, having your palm grab onto the road is a common cause of gloves bursting open and also of severe wrist injuries. Will be interesting to see how it goes if/when i crash in these gloves.

    Over all i think the gloves are extremely good, better than the Astars in a lot of ways, and offer a great value for money considering the high quality of workmanship (made in italy in tiny factory by a family owned long established company, vs made in ukrain for dainese or china for alpinestars), premium leather hide, carbon fiber protection, knox sps and so on. They have a price of about $200 locally from ozmotorcycleathers, for that price you will only get a GP Plus glove from alpinestars, which is shit in comparison and is the lowest end of the astars race glove line. The GP Pros that i used to own (mid tier) are $250.
    (prices quoted from bikebiz)

    The only downside is that i feel like the thumb area of the glove is not as padded as it could be, though this is a low impact area as it is on the inside of the glove not outside edge. Also the rubber lining on the index finger means my capacitive touchscreen phone cannot be used while wearing the gloves, it works through the roo leather on the other two fingers, that are not covered. But that is seriously not a problem im being pedantic here.

    Anyway, if your in need of a full protection race glove, these are the best value on the market in my opinion. Highly recommended. These exact gloves you can buy are the same as the ones that racers wear in ASBK and other levels of competition. They are extremely good gloves for the money.

    Here are some bad quality photos of my gloves:

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  2. impressive.
    price is very fair given you get every feature ever invented for bike gloves (almost)
    ok, so internal lining or unlined ?
    velcro double or single wrap over jacket ? do they fit over the leather jacket sleeve ok ?
    looks like a wrist strap velcros under the flap base of palm second pic ?
    the finger bridge is a permanent fixture ?
    sizing charts on line ?
    is Irena hot ?
  3. The cuff and back of hand have a thin fabic liner feel to them, the palm side is all pure roo hide.
    The velcro for the cuff has two tabs that come from either side, they pull to the middle and will seal very tightly around a leather jacket, this is one of the things i like the most, they really lock onto your sleeves if you do them up tightly, nice in colder weather not to have the occasional breeze up your sleeve.
    Finger bridge could be cut with scissors i guess, but dont, its worth it and you dont notice it.
    As for size charts, speak to ozmotorcycleathers they will take care of you, you might even find out if irena is hot.
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  4. nice.
    thanks i need new gloves.
    think i just found them.
    won't find better for that coin either.
  5. Great review, thank you very much :) I was wearing mine today but I think I'll get some touring gloves for next winter.

    Incredibly :)

    Here's a link to the sizing chart, gloves are at the bottom.

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  6. Looks like a great glove but for that price I would go with a Spartan SL-1...........im a firm believer of Kangaroo hide, its so much thinner and gives so much more feel than cow. Everyone should try one..............

    I had one of Finn Moto's full kangaroo and sting ray glove and that one was magic its seriously like wearing surgical glove.
  7. i dont know, finn moto is made in pakistan, i prefer Italy personally.
  8. Nice write up thanks.

    I'm in the market for a pair so these are top of my list. Where do I buy them?
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  11. Thanks for this. I'd been eyeing 'em off for a little while too; kinda wondering how much they were and how nice they really were. Now got an order in.
  12. Any venting or perforations?
  13. yep there is a fair bit of venting on the fingers as you can see. perferation up the sides of fingers and on back of hand under the armor the stretch leather has perforations also. It is a summer glove for sure, and does not keep your hand very warm, though it seems to be fine for my winter riding in sydney.
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  14. Hi thanks for the great write up and follow up answers.

    The best part for me was it lead me to oz motorcycle leathers web site and the whole range of Gimoto gear. I have had several email exchanges with Ed about getting a suit from them. I must say the idea of having a suit hand made by a factory that only employees 18 or so staff in Italy is very appealing.

    You can custom all their suits to the colours you want at no extra charge and there is an "on measure " service to custom the suit to your exact size with over 20 measurements for just bit more.

    I intend to go that way as i have short legs compared to my torso length if that makes sense.

    So far i have found Ed to be extremely helpful even though i must have asked some fairly dumb questions.

    Sorry for the slight de rail but thought it was worth adding the extra info and commenting on the great service i have had from Ed so far. As we all know getting harder to find and he is definitely one local shop that I am going to support.

    Now to get the cash out of the minister for war and finance and all will be good.

    Cheers Jeremy
  15. i have an on measure stripes suit, in two peice, i did a write up of it a few months ago when i got it, search my posts and you should find the thread. Pretty much the best thing i ever bought.
  16. Bump. And +1 for GiMoto GP4's. I haven't been riding for long but I'm just sick of paying $100+ for "reputable" brands that use shit materials and are made in cheap factories overseas. The last pair of gloves I bought retailed at $130 which is not a huge layout but I expected them to last longer than six months before the leather wore through and exposed my palm. The stitching is coming undone in hard to repair places, the Velcro is almost useless, the fingers on each hand are slightly different in length, and basically it was a waste of money buying them. On to GP4's -

    Anyway they are bloody excellent, I believe they've upgraded to GP5 now but comparing the two, to me the quality didn't seem as good, the colours on the different glove materials didn't match (two different whites, looked pretty trashy), and next to the GP4 it just looked cheaper, but the price tag didn't. An easy choice for me. If you can find a pair, do yourself a favour