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GiMoto 2 piece suit

Discussion in 'Jackets' started by Steve Vtec, May 27, 2016.

  1. So I finally got my birthday suit from ed and Irena at ozmotorcycleleathersozmotorcycleleathers. Apparently this time of year (MotoGP time) shit gets pretty hectic at the little GiMoto factory in Milan so the lead time on custom articles is a little higher than normal, but holy christ this is a suit... See below.


    The workmanship is BEAUTIFUL. I can't find a single stitch out of place or line. And I looked over the whole thing. And I have OCD. And I can't fault it.

    I don't own much quality motorbike gear and the Italian branded stuff I have isn't made in Italy, and the difference here isn't even ballpark, it's a whole different game.

    I overuse the word "perfect", but this is one of those times where it's just the most apt description.

    The ankle zips go nice and high so there's no mucking around getting the pants on and off. They're loose enough for comfort but tight enough to keep the armour in place. The sleeve zips are long enough to comfortably put the jacket on without feeling too long. Was slightly awkward at first zipping the jacket to the pants first time but after a few goes it's just another zipper now. There's stretch panels everywhere you need them. There's no bunching behind the knees or at the shoulders or elbows or hips. In riding position there's no pressure where the jacket joins the pants at the back. I was worried the crotch would bunch up a bit, a lot of people seem to complain about that, but there's no bunching at the crotch either. Maybe there's just not much there to bunch ;-) but the cut of this suit is just sublime.

    Irena measured me up a while back, and there isn't one thing about this suit that isn't right. I think this speaks volumes for Irena's skill, as she rapidly measured me up and input all the data to send over, and the suit came back just faultless. Apparently she's pretty handy with a needle and thread too, but hopefully I won't be seeing her about that for some time.

    I added a bunch of stuff to my order - back protector, the little hump on the neck, some little Honda colours on the front and back, the race armour, sliders, all the protection, kangaroo leather option... Basically I added everything you could add, because it was my birthday and I wanted to buy myself a nice thing for my birthday. I didn't want to be a better rider later on or have my knee a bit closer to the ground and wish I got this or that. So I just put it all on. Only problem now is that I'm not allowed to put on any weight ;-)

    Will get some better photos of the suit. It's just deluxe. Matchless. I need a thesaurus. It makes me want to gear up all the time. And I never want to gear up all the time. I went on a ride last night, and it's already comfortable. Im excited to see how it breaks in. I just need some more weekends off work now.

    The price was... Well I was going to say expensive, and I guess it was, but for a hand made kangaroo leather race suit that fits perfectly, with everything on it, I really don't know how you'd expect to pay less. Looking at the amount of time that obviously went into this, it's incredible. I got change out of $3000, but not heaps. And I added literally everything to the order so it got a little pricy towards the end. But if it lasts ten years, that's not even a dollar a day. I'm pretty happy about that. Maybe it won't last, but maybe it will. And you only turn 30 once... After last nights ride, I consider this the best money I've spent on gear. Might seem an exorbitant and unnecessary expense, but I can't imagine ever sliding down the street and thinking to myself "this suit cost too much, I won't be doing that again..."

    I am quite tall and thin, so most jackets that fit my shoulders have arms too short and waist too high, and obviously when the waist and arms are correct length the shoulders are massive and the thing fits like a bed sheet. I always thought protective gear was uncomfortable. It's not uncomfortable, it just doesn't fit properly. If you've never bought leathers and you're thinking about it, do yourself a favour and spend a few hundred extra dollars and get it made to measure. I honestly can't believe how comfortable this suit is, and I haven't even broken it in yet.

    Anyway. Save some coins. Go see Irena and Ed. They're friendly as, and super helpful, and will do everything they can to make it easy for you. Customise a suit on the GiMoto website. Pick style, colours, protection, type of leather, perforation, armour, sliders, everything is customisable. Irena will measure you. GiMoto will make you a suit. It will fit you like a glove. You will want to wear it every time.

    Anyone who's read anything I write on here would know that I am prone to exaggeration at the best of times, but in all honesty I can not speak more highly of this suit, it's quality, and the ease of its acquisition through Ed and Irena at ozmotorcycleleathersozmotorcycleleathers.
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  2. Looks good. I also had my track leathers made and suggest that to anyone that plans to get some.

    What was the damage ($)?
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  3. Around $2.9... It's a full on price but again, the more I look at it the more I see the quality, the time invested, the overheads of the operation and the skills involved to make something like this. It didn't come off a production line in a factory full of kids in Pakistan, it's hand made to my exact measurements in Italy by craftsmen (craftspeople) with the finest quality materials. I have truly never seen anything like it. It's the nicest item of clothing I own... I guess for that price it would bloody want to be, and I was a little hesitant to go through with it, but I'm so happy with it. The price is irrelevant now compared to the quality.
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  4. I hear there moving to a place really close to Easter Creek,SMP as its called now. Recommended. They know there stuff and are extremely helpful
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  5. Holy sheetballs.....That's some decent coin for a leather suit. Would want to be the ducks nuts.

    Then again I'd pay 4k for a half decent business suit.
  6. I bought dainese leathers back in 1996 ive had numerous offs with them and apart from the rash the still look new. They cost me 1800 back then and i'll probably be still wearing them when i cant ride anymore.
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  7. Well the way I see it the more I spend now the less I'll spend in hospital if things go that way. I worked hard, saved some money and bought a nice suit with it... Would be nice if it cost less, but I'd hate it to be inferior. It's perfect right now, will be nice to see how it wears over the next few years. It's the first one I've had so I'm glad it's so nice.
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  8. They're probably made in Italy itchinitchin, most of the Italian branded stuff now is made in Vietnam, Romania, Pakistan and elsewhere but back then you might have been alright. I'd bet your suit even though it's 20 years old is still better than a brand new dainese suit... Possibly the very top of the range a* and dainese stuff is still made in Italy today but I'm not sure. GiMoto is expensive, but I don't really mind the price when you can see how good it is. Hopefully never have to crash test the bastard, but I'm sure I'll be glad I'm wearing it if that happens
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  9. Good stuff.

    I've got a 2pc Joe Rocket suit. Jacket was bought brand new 5 years ago, when BikeGearWarehouse (I think?) was closing down. Cost me $100 posted to Tassie.
    I bought the pants last year off eBay from the 'States for around $300, obvously a couple of versions later than the jacket, but they still zip together.

    Cheap yes, fit well? Not so much. Bunching behind the knees, etc etc.
    That's not necessarily an indictment of Joe Rocket. Sizing yourself off internet charts doesn't always work out the best. My chunky legs cause all sorts of issues with the pants, plus I've lost weight since the jacket was purchased.

    Am I happy with my $400 suit? Yeah, happy enough. I'd still cough up for a primo suit like yours if I had the coin though.
  10. Damn Steve VtecSteve Vtec
    I saw the words birthday suit madly scrolled down to see a bag of leather which was still pretty exciting ;)
    Good for you and with leather you really do get what you pay for.
    Many circuits of happy knee sliding for you and your leathers!
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  11. I've got a similar issue with sizing. Thin waist, long arms and legs with wide shoulders.

    I'm a 52 in a one piece around the waist and hips but a 56 in length and shoulders.
    I ended up with a custom Dianese one piece. About 8 years ago the guy who measures up Rossi for his suits came out and did some sizing up.
    At the time with contacts I didn't want to order the suit as I didn't have the coin I just wanted my measurements on file, that wasn't a problem. Due to a mix up though they made the suit. Called me 3 months later and said your suits here......

    I said sorry didn't order it, they checked and sure enough that was the case. After a bit of back and forth between us. We came to a conclusion it would be pretty hard for them to sell it with my exact sizing and jonnymac written on the bum.

    So I purchased it fairly discounted for $1k......6 crashes and a bit of repair work on it and it's still going strong.

    The problem isn't the slide it's the kitty litter. Dam that rips up leather!
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  12. I am definitely quality over quantity but 4k and it's only half decent.......

    You're getting ripped and earning too much.
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  13. Oh definitely awesome for me for sure.

    I only said half decent as I know some can spend 20k on a suit.
  14. That does look awesome... Please post some more photos when you can.

    Belated happy birthday... ;)
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  15. I bought a one piece alpinestars motegi a few months back no were near the quality of the Dainese i will look into getting a new one from the guys you used.
  16. You'll pay for it but you get what you pay for. And the service from Ed and Irena is outstanding. I suppose it comes down to how much you're prepared to spend but at the end of the day the skin on my arse is not really related to an amount of money...
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  17. great suit Steve! which model/design is it?
  18. Can't remember mate I'll have to find the invoice
  19. I wondered if it was not from the usual product list due to it being full custom
  20. chilliman64chilliman64 its a Monza 2 piece. It looks very similar to this:


    Maybe mine turned out a little different, I can't remember if this is the final design I settled on. But if you go here Gimoto you can sort the colours out then pick accessories (knee sliders and race protection). I took black knee sliders and race protection on knees, shoulders and elbows. It looks totally pimp. You can get your name (or any word I guess) stitched on the suit, in whatever font you like, and whatever colour you like. I left mine blank. Not really in to advertising who it was that was speeding up old pac, I think it's better without your name on the back. After that you pick the style of GiMoto logo, I think it's white or reflective silver maybe? I went with white.

    Then you get options - cow or kangaroo (I took roo), perforations (I got all the options here, perforated arms, legs and chest), back protector (I took this option, and the back protector integrated into the jacket is just excellent), chest protector (this is the only thing I didn't get, but you can wear a chest protector under the jacket if you want), and standard or race protection. I chose race, pretty much because I thought it was prettier. Then you put in all the measurements Irena takes, and then you realise all the boxes you ticked were multipliers for the original price ;-)

    I love it. I'm wearing the jacket now because it's so comfortable. I want to go for a ride!!!
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