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Gilesie turns 1 8/8/05

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by in the wind, Aug 6, 2005.

  1. I would just like to congratulate Gilesie on his 12 month anniversary here on the forum.
    When he first came to the forum he was being an a$$hole to me and a few of the guys back then suggested that he shouldn’t come into a forum with a bad attitude. It wasn’t until they realized he was my brother and he was just trying to make a grand entrance that they accepted him.

    Now seeing that we have a lot of advertising on here lately I will give him another plug although as some of our newer members don’t know he did have his business banner up on these pages for a while.

    www.installs.com.au/index.html If you need a quote on house alarm repairs, maintenance, upgrades or new systems don’t be scared to ring him on 0412 568 567 (Melbourne metro and some country Vic)
  2. another set of brothers? how many other dark secrets are lurking below the surface of Netrider?
  3. its no secret it was only a secret for the first 2 days that he was on netrider
  4. OK, see I've only been here since March this year, so still catching up bit by bit with Netrider lore.
  5. hornet600 wrote

    I like to dress up in womans clothe's :shock:

    in the wind wrote
    Yep , they sucked me in well and truely . But i saw the funny side :D 8) .
  6. If I told you about the dark side I would be banned for life.
  7. And a happy 2 to you midnight, today is your anniversary!!!!

  8. I heard that it was only there pants that you like to get into.

    Anyway happy second birthday
  9. :shock: :shock: Wow , i didnt realise . Thx gilesie :D .
  10. Having met all of the above & stayed sane throughout I guess I win! Happy anniversary all & Gilesie does gr8 work he's done 2 jobs that I know off & both have been awesome!
  11. Thx" in the wind " . I've just woken up , so where are my prezzies :LOL: :LOL:
  12. Yeah, happy anniv Dave, always enjoy your posts~!
  13. as to dressing up in women's clothes, well, it is Melbourne after all, isn't it???
  14. Happy anniversary, midnight. Hope there's many more to come!

    (BTW are you a lumberjack by any chance?)
  15. Hey I was alright......my kids may have driven you a little crazy though.

    Umm......Ummmmm....iits....its int he mail yeah thats it its in the mail. :wink: